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  1. GTX 980 TI vs GTX 1080 TI vs Volta

    I would wait until you start seeing games you cant play on high/ultra. I run an GTX 980TI and do a ton of sim racing in VR maxxed out with it also showing on 55in screen (so 1 card doing maxxed 1080 on basically 3 screens) and not a stutter to be noticed. If its working, dont change it IMO
  2. joystick

    I use the X52, but I also like just doing KB/M also
  3. Is no one playing?

    Is this section dead due to lack of rental servers or is no one really playing?
  4. Rent a Server Program

    So as far as ADK goes,I take it we still dont know if we'll be renting a server or not yet due to a still massive lack of info from EA.
  5. BF1 patch notes?

    they did through the battlelog forums with BF4. I use the companion app on my mobile devices to cruize the BF1 forums. There is a section for "updates' that does indeed have the patch notes.
  6. Feedback

    I just got it installed and somewhat set up tonight. will tweak with the setting ,ore when I can find people talking =)
  7. BF1 PC upgrades!

    I just built a new rig earlier this year. specs are in my profile. Downloading BF1 now, cant wait to see it as I opted to not do the beta this go around.
  8. Part of the battlefield experence is unlocking and leveling up weapons and kits. Its a long term type of game if your looking to actually get achievements. Buying Battlefield at the end of the cycle just to save a few bucks will lead to emptier servers in general and imo not worth buying at that point as everyone is looking for the next installment.
  9. Burned Fingers

    im just getting the standard version. After all the expacs get released i'll see what 1 maps everyone plays and get that one. Learned my lesson with BF3's premium pass waste of money. Looking forward to the release though.
  10. Building a new Desktop from scratch, my budget for this is $2500. http://amzn.com/w/2X4N89O4OAQY this is what I have, any tweaks would be helpful as I want to build the best Gaming PC for my budget.
  11. Nothing beats an evening of Racing!!


  12. Constellation Tarus - Cargo, transport maybe some pirating - Multi-Role Gladiator (LTI) - Combat, Support Avenger Stalker - Multi-Role M50 - Plan on using this to scout with Drake Herald (LTI) - Scouting, Bounty Hunting
  13. Knowing your chopper.

    If your the target of either, your fucked.
  14. Personally I like the SP stuff. Add's some depth to the experence of the MP, at least to me.
  15. Is 20 posts too many?

    Many games, Many topics. 20 posts shouldn't take to long. If your actively involved in a topic the post count is nothing!
  16. Just wondering what the best Recording and PC Monitoring (i.e. Temp, loads etc) software is these days. I used MSI Afterburner for awhile but since I moved to where my internet speeds were sub 1mb speeds and super unstable I haven't been PC gaming in about 2 years. I've moved again and built a new PC so just getting everything set-up again.
  17. Recording and Monitoring

    Yeah im back, moved to a place where the internet and cell service go to die for the last 2 years so i've been playing mostly single player stuff. Just Built a new rig and moved to a place where I have lots of net so im slowly getting back into some multiplayer stuff. Spent the weekend in BF4. =) Looking forward to real gaming again!
  18. Recording and Monitoring

    i'll look into it, thanks for the reply =)
  19. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    Depending on how the beta plays will determine if I buy it. If its fun then I'm all in.
  20. Building from Scratch, need advice

    Once the next gen of cards are released the the price of the 980ti's go down Ima put 2 more in.
  21. Building from Scratch, need advice

    This is it all said and done. Everything is loaded and updated. Massive upgrade over my old GTX 770M laptop that's been great to me for many years.
  22. Building from Scratch, need advice

    yeah once I ordered the parts the list disappeared, already got in some parts, the rest is scheduled to be here tomorrow (which means some wont show up till next week, lol). I'll take a parts layout pic and a completed pic. I have not done a PC build in over a decade so im stoked to build it. 100% new build from the case on in!
  23. Building from Scratch, need advice

    yay for you, but that has NOTHING to do with this post. I ordered the parts, build starts tomorrow.
  24. Concealed Carry Options/Preferences

    I have several firearms, but my Conceal carry is an XDs-.45  Its thin, I keep the 5 rnd mag in it while carrying with 2x 7rnd mags.  This makes it light and comfortable.
  25. Track IR Issues

    I assume that there main priority besides the game itself is making sure all the VR headsets work good for the launches of those.  After that i'm sure they will work on making track IR work again.  

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