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  1. Even'in ADK

    Lol everyone asks me this :P but no, I'm no character artist so that wasn't me :D
  2. Even'in ADK

    Will do! thanks for the welcome :D
  3. What is your IGN?

    Thought I'd throw mine up too, it should just be Dan Conroy   Original, I know :P
  4. Even'in ADK

    Sounds like a plan mate, ArmA 3 with ACE and radio mods is something else :D
  5. Even'in ADK

    Even'in all!   So I've been gaming for a bloody long time, mostly been into any kind of co-op/team based gaming.    I'm mostly playing Elite, Arma 3, Planetside 2 (wanting to get back into this tbh) GTA online even some Street fighter :P plus other bits and bobs.   Outside of gaming'ish I'm a 3D artist currently working on a PC title called Rust, I've been working on it for close to 2 years now.   My steam is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/dannycon   Thanks for your time guys, hope to get some gaming in with you all soon!

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