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  1. The funniest ads on ADK

    I was checking the website when I saw this ad. Please post your favorite ads you have seen here. It doesn't even have to be on the ADK website, just post the most hilarious ads you can find. [attachment=944:SEXYARABGIRLS.PNG]   [attachment=945:OMG_another.PNG]
  2. A quick word on macro's.

    I deleted my macro after reading this and talking to the community.
  3. New ADK Server

    We are thinking of having a new server. What maps would you like to see? Please vote for your favorite combination of maps here. These will all be Conquest Large.
  4. Now that I'm an advisor, I will be on at those times for you guys.

    I am INFIDEL_JByrns93
  6. I have been accepted as an Advisor for BF3! YAY

  7. INFIDEL_JByrns93's Stuff

    My videos and pictures.
  8. ADK Minecraft!!! FOR THE WIN

  9. Hi its Johnny

    I have been playing first-person-shooter games since 2008 when I bought COD4. I then in late 2011 built a high-performance gaming PC for Black Ops, and then got into the Battlefield series, after buying Bad Company 2 which I still play. I would love to join ADK because it seems like a really friendly community and I think I could be a valuable asset since I have experience doing admin on BF3 servers. My old clan was disbanded, and I would like to join a new one. My computer specs are as follows: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K OC'ed to 3.8GHz RAM: Patriot Sector 5 DDR3 4x4GB GPU: EVGA GTX670 2GB GDDR5 PSU: 1.2KW Ultra X4 Modular Monitor: HP Compaq LA2405 24 inch 1920x1200 I hope to see you all on the Battlefield and become a part of the community!!
  10. Hi its Johnny

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I will be active here a lot.

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