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  1. Homemade Gaming Snacks Anyone?

    i good recipe is ham wrapped around pickle and Philadelphia cream cheese it taste amazing it sweet with a little sour taste to it 
  2. Fallout 4!

    When fallout 4 comes out ima be off the grid playing that 24/7 its going to be amazing since you can build a community and have a dog companion
  3. Titanfall Anyone?

    I play titanfall my xbox 360 name is frostfire360 so add me and i play when ever i can ima low level but i beat the crap outta people so hit me up
  4. HALO 1-4 as ONE GAME?

    This is to add on to the post i posted earlier halo 4 is my least favorite halo because 343 industries killed off cortana  in this game and Master Chief was decommissioned Halo 2 is my favorite halo because it was a big step up from Halo 1 and the Pod drops were awesome and i like the battle rifle and flood missions also the storyline in this game was awesome to play threw 
  5. Xbox 360 Gamer Tags!

    My gamertag is Frostfire360  I play Battlefield Hardline, GTA V, Iron Brigade, sometimes Diablo 3, Call of Duty Very rare to see me play but when i do play CoD  brace yourself :) so if ya want to add me you can i m xbox 360 until i get a job to get xbox one and fallout 4 
  6. Insane NASCAR crash

    THat  was  a big crash cant belive what happened to the #3 car lol
  7. ADK 4th of July Celebration

    That was a cool display i didnt know minecrraft had fireworks
  8. Crafting the .308 and 12 gauge pump shotgun and the ar15 be able to find the parts to build the guns and have a trading post where you can trade without getting killed
  9. Base building

    This Guide has helped me build and get started building hope it helps yall the way it helped me   http://h1z1.gamepedia.com/crafting
  10. Top 5

    MY top 5 is 1. Mario bros original 2.Halo 1-3 3.H1z1 4.command and conquer 3 5.Battlfield Hardline call of duty can suck it ~to many squeakers
  11. MP Toilet Raid

    needs more MP guys like that  to goof around keep morale up
  12. Hi Im FrostFire360 AKA Frost/Josh

    I play DIablo 3 i play elder scrolls series i play gta 5 i play state of decay ill play mostly zombie games
  13. Presidential Race 2016

    i want merica back  get rid of obama and bring in somebody who wont try to take our rights away
  14. HALO 1-4 as ONE GAME?

    Halo 4 is  my least favorite halo 2  is my favorite
  15. MP Toilet Raid

    needs to have more MP's lol

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