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  2. Introduction

    Hey man glad to see your interest in ADK @Juggs Played against you last night and your pretty good, hop on Teamspeak anytime today and we could get in a game if you would like
  3. =ADK= CS:GO Summer 2v2 Tournament

    It's Wednesday my dudes
  4. Community Poll - 10 Mans

    Hey, we're looking to resume 10 mans regularly. Please let us know what time would be best for you. Thanks, - Ribs
  5. hi i am me

    Welcome @8Zaib To ADK, Glad to see your interest in joining us Come down to CS:GO to play sometime
  6. Alvin's Intro

    Welcome @alvinbears Nice to meet you, Come hop in the CS:GO section on TS anytime to play some comp or something!
  7. Hey I'm Bryce

    @Brycejackson474 Hello sir, welcome to ADK, Glad to see you! Just hop in on ts in the CS:GO section if your ever wanting to play
  8. Hey guys I'm Bruce

    @Bruce Murdock Hey Welcome man, Love to see you stop by the CS:GO section sometime and enjoy a comp or just chill. Glad to see your interest in ADK
  9. New Breeding Info

    Thanks for the helpful information, I need to start breading more
  10. The Story of Burke

    But Canada is a place I would like to go one day 
  11. The Story of Burke

    Welcome @[member='Burke71'] Glad to meet you! We are basically the exact same except I'm not from Canada, my names not Liam, and I despise Micky D's  
  12. Hi! I'm sprayK (formerly SniperLULZ)

    Well welcome again @[member='sprayK'] if your looking to join a team of any sorts then you would need to try to talk to @ItsComplex  Glad to meet you
  13. Hello!

    Hey @[member='DickSmith'] Welcome to ADK, I've actually never played ARMA (which I hope your talking about haha) but it is one of the games I hope to get one day and play. If you have any questions about ADK or looking for someone to play with just hop on our Teamspeak. If you don't know the IP its ts.adkgamers.com
  14. Good Morning - Signing in

    Nice to meet you @[member='DumbBoot'] What is the main game you play?
  15. Hello Friends!

    Well nice to meet you @[member='Panda'] How you learn how great and friendly ADK. #RebelNation Where ya from?

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