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  1. [Suggestions] Just a "few" changes

    boi, i could give a paper on what i think should be done.
  2. The video is all you need to know. The new operators will be a Meta Changer just like Lion and Finka were.
  3. The video is all you need to know. The new operators will be a Meta Changer just like Lion and Finka were. View full article
  4. I'm TayZo!

    i shall beat you to this one day chas
  5. Intro Post

    Welcome to ADK, future reference click the send button once
  6. Names Raiden :)

    Welcome to ADK, Blood and I play siege together a lot so if you want you can stop by in those channels.
  7. Hello

    Welcome to ADK
  8. Hello people

    Welcome to ADK
  9. Hi, i'm Arcadian!

    he knows. yeet
  10. Me :D

    Welcome to ADK
  11. Hey folks!

    Welcome to ADK
  12. Adviser 1a) Must be active In-game and Discord. If you are playing Siege, you should be in our Discord channels. 2a) Must have 2-3 forum posts each week, in the Introduction thread. you must have 2-3 posts each week, in the Donations Thread. (of course relative to how many intro and donation posts are made in a week) 3a) Actively Recruit other players in Casual and Ranked. Bring them to Discord THEN the website. (DO NOT bring toxic players into our discord) 4a) Must attempt to attend Member and Admin Meetings (SLIM will bug you if you're in discord but not at the meeting) 5a) May not be toxic at all. You could be removed with no warning if this occurs. 6a) Actively destress situations that arise BUT get a discord admin for discord issues. 7a) Following the Siege forums and ALL Staff forums. Siege Adviser Application
  13. will add a second channel if the forth gets filled just let me know
  14. Hello ADK

    Hi welcome to ADK, im a meme
  15. Lion has been clearly OP ever since I fired the first bullet out of his primary drum mag vector. Changes were to come with no doubt in my mind, but. He has been nerfed so hard that he seems practically irrelevant now. Changes include: Lion's Scan will stop displaying your outline as soon as you stop moving. Reducing the number of charges; 3 to 2. Increased cooldown between each charge; 10 to 20 seconds. They are also fixing the way recoil and bullet alignment to the weapon sight work the video below shows the issue. this is huge because it looks to be a fix towards the "I shot him in the head!!!! >:(" situation. Recoil Change.mp4

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