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  1. Server was Wiped due to a Bug
  2. Alright, your added @TitanCMD And @McCrab
  3. Just letting people know we have had some port changes and we are now back (and staying) with the Default Port number 25565. you don't need to enter a port into the IP anymore, though you are more than able to still do so.
  4. @Natty Liz added you to the list have fun in Overwatch!
  5. @Hot alright i added you to the list
  6. Specs and pricing are Here.
  7. Specs and pricing are Here. View full article
  8. Did that to avoid confusion and conflicts in events
  9. Network---- --Survival-- Current Server Version: 1.11.2 Server Dynmap: --NEW!! FTB: Beyond Server-- Current Server Version: 1.5.3 Note: This is a very experimental build that may have problems and possible resets Launcher can be downloaded at: CLICK ME Vote Links Vote Link 1 Vote Link 2 Vote Link 3 Vote Link 4 Vote Link 5 Vote Link 6 Vote Link 7 Vote Link 8 General Server, Chat, and Website/Forum Rules NOT reading the Rules will result in a Temp Ban The Rules Below apply to all servers. 1. No griefing - Ever. This means destroying any block placed by another player. No stealing if you find a chest without protection, you are not entitled to take from it. Keep to your own belongings. (This Does not pertain to claims that you have given access trust to.) 2. You cannot claim someone else's things or builds regardless of how long they have been inactive. If you wish to build on the land of someone who has been gone for more than 2 weeks, ask a staff member to verify their absence and tear the structure down. 3. Respect all players and staff. 4. Use appropriate language, do not spam chat on Discord or within Minecraft. 5. No advertising other servers anywhere. 6. Always protect your creations or if it is an exceptionally large build, ask a staff member to Admin Claim it for you. 7. No death traps, including 3x3 holes. 8. Do not build and leave 1x1 towers ever. 9. Do not use Teleports (ex. /tpa , /warp) to kill players UNLESS stated and the party agrees to being killed. 10. If someone feels disrespected by something you say and they ask you to stop, stop. 11. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you stop. 12. Do not make AFK machines. This includes any sort of macro that gives you an advantage over other players. This includes AFK XP Farming. This is bannable! For ex: An AFK fishing macro. 13. No Scripts, DDoSing or Dox'ing of any kind in our server. Any sort of threat made to any player or to the server, it will result in a permanent ban. 14. All Automated Machines must be turned off BEFORE you log off. Any left on will result in an admin forcibly turn your machine(s) off and may result in a Temp ban. 15. You are responsible for your actions accidental or on purpose (of course this is very situational). 16.You must clean up your entities on the server. Examples of Entities are: Dropped items, Mobs, Animals, etc. 17. If an Admin Situation arises and questions are asked, you answer truthfully and as soon as possible. FTB Rules Below 1.You may only have ONE RFtool Dimension running at a time and can NOT be left on if not in use. 2.You may not convert biomes V.I.A. Thuamcraft mod (with exception of Erie/Sinister, Magical forest and, Taint. but please keep the Taint contained) 3.On FTB you may only have what the Mod Packs have installed nothing else. This is a Perm Ban if caught. 4. You must Reply "Read and Understood" to this topic in order to be Whitelisted. Vanilla Rules Below 1. No mods on our vanilla server (except "NEI" and "Inventory Tweaks" ARE allowed). Other Mods installed are a bannable offense. You must abide by these rules no matter your rank within ADK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PVP-Specific Rules 1. Both Parties MUST agree to in order to PVP. However, Staff are not responsible for any "foul play" unless PVP hacks are involved. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Notes: - We reserve the right to revoke a rank if we feel it is proper punishment, so donators should keep this in mind when faced with decisions. - If you see anyone doing something they shouldn't and there are no staff members around to resolve the situation, please make a player report on our forums. *These rules are subject to change without any notice. Here are the current Admin's for MC including the Developers of the server. (This list may change at any time so be on watch if it does) Minecraft Veteren Admin @BrassyIA Minecraft Manager @Jaden Minecraft Senior Admins @SLIMJIM Minecraft Admins @Chunkyyukon123 Minecraft Advisers @SGCrazyman @Raziel23x Minecraft Developers @Jaden
  10. until
    Drew Wagar is the author of the Elite inspired novel "Reclamation". Drew has been working with Frontier to organize an event that depending on how players react and handle the situation will influence the end of his next novel "Premonition". The Event will occur on the 29th of April at 1800 UTC (in the game clock), For our US players that is 12:00 PM CST. The Alliance will be taking a major role in the future of the game according to Drew and that we should be quite surprised by the tales unfolding. I would love to hear theories and findings around the event by analyzing the videos or just predictions that are something to consider and prepare for. Here is the trailer for the event with details I myself have yet to decipher other than what I have asked Drew. I am also posting an excerpt from the novel that we will be inspiring the end to "Premonition" for your enjoyment. I hope to see some familiar faces in the black when it all goes down. Fly Safe CMDRs.
  11. Here is a RSVP post for the event.
  12. until
    The Minecraft Staff is hosting an event night!! Yep thats right a whole night of events! The 1st event will be held at the pyramid with 2 different maze challenges The 2nd event will be a Pig race held at the Pig race course located behind the Zoo near spawn. The 3rd event will be a PVP Blowout held at the PVP arena by the lighthouse near spawn. Prizes for all events will be determined the night of the event per event! Each event will have a Grand prize only. However all participants will recieve $1000 IGMoney!! This event will be on Saturday May 13th at 7:30 pm CST Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend! All are welcome! I would personally like to thank each of you for your continued support with The ADK Minecraft Section! I look forward to seeing you all there!
  13. gotta ask is do you play Minecraft? Welcome to ADK @LoveTheDoritos
  14. I'm from the Minecraft section.... yep that's all I got.... Welcome to ADK @Natty
  15. yes i wanna know how i did. probs not the best XD

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