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  1. Hellraiser's Introduction

    Even tho your already a member and a staff member Welcome and I look forward to working with you (if our work even cross paths)
  2. Hey guys, HelleMuten here

    Welcome to ADK. I sometimes find myself playing Civ 5 so I may do that at some point.
  3. Yo

    Well, we got a great Overwatch section for you!!! Welcome to ADK and I hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Greetings Everyone

    Welcome to ADK. but you should totally sell you Destiny 2 copy (and console XD) and buy it on PC!!!!!
  5. Hello, Brandon here

    First of all, thank you for your service. its people like you that allow me to have a job and not worry about being drafted. Welcome to ADK and I hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. Raid Night - 11/23 Sign up

    Info How to Join: Reply to this topic with the following info Character (class,subclass) Power Level Availability after 8:00 IGN and Discord Name Preference for one player to be with (they must also have replied to this topic) Raid Teams: This is how teams will be chosen Admins will assess the info listed above to decide the most well-balanced groups and how to split up players to create the best raid experience possible for all players Teams will be decided and told by Thursday at 7:00 (although it may be as early as 5:00 so reply before that) Final Notes: Players who are not signed up for the week will take a first come first serve basis for any open spots As directed by the Section Rules admins will be leading the raids unless they note otherwise
  7. Need more Destiny 2 Staff!!

    The section with its growing numbers finds itself needing more staff members. If your interested first take a look at the Advisor requirements. 1a) Must be active In-game and Discord. If you are playing Destiny 2, you should be in our Discord channels. 2a) Must have 2-3 forum posts each week, in the Introduction thread. you must have 2-3 posts each week, in the Donations Thread. 3a) Actively Recruit other players in Guided games and Crucible. Bring them to Discord THEN the website. 4a) Must attempt to attend Member and Admin Meetings (SLIM will bug you if your in discord but not at the meeting) 5a) May not troll or be toxic at all. You will be removed with no warning if this occurs. 6a) Actively destress situations that arise. ---------------------------------------- If you agree to those requirements you can apply at this link: https://www.adkgamers.com/forms/124-destiny-2-admin-application/
  8. ADK Destiny 2 Weekly Raid Nights

    Character (class,subclass): Hunter Void, Titan Arc, Warlock Void/Arc. Power Level over: 285+ Availability after 8:00: yes IGN and Discord Name: Slim Preference for one player to be with (they must also have replied to this topic): No
  9. ADK Destiny 2 Raid Night

    We will have our Raid nights every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST so come and join us!!!
  10. ---Destiny 2 Section Rules---

    ---Rules will be added as needed and without notice.--- Basic Rules: 1a) Use Common sense. 2a) Keep religious and political debates out of Destiny 2. 3a) Don't spoil the lore for new players unless they want to know. 4a) You can be removed from the Bungie ADK clan for inactivity. When you return we will gladly invite you again. 5a) Trolling and being toxic will get you get you section banned. We are a community we should be welcoming to others and not troll them. 6a) If staff think your action(s) are an issue you can still get a punishment even its not breaking a rule here. Raiding/Nightfall Rules: 1b) Keep Comms strict when needed. 2b) Don't be rude, it only makes others upset and that's not good for team synergy. 3b) Raid nights are led by Destiny 2 Staff unless said otherwise by staff.
  11. Trials of the Nine Group

  12. Hi, Im Camb

    I look forward to seeing you on the Destiny 2 discord channels @Camb!!!!! If you need anything you go and ask me. if you are not in the destiny 2 clan already if you apply on the website and i or another staff member will accept you!
  13. Staff Roster // Battle.net ID Tags

    @ThatPeebsGuy I added you to the list of names. Welcome to ADK!!!!
  14. Hi there friends! Peebs#11295 here

    Welcome to ADK we have a great Overwatch section, nice to see more streamers too!
  15. Trials of the Nine - Group Finder

    ADKSLIM#1504 Hunter Solar or void 295+ish After Tuesday after 6:00 est each day

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