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  1. Hi, I'm me, meet me, and love me!

    I could have sworn there are more games that are suppose to be there since I have known you for a lot longer than anyone here LOL.  Like ummm Archeage, and more.
  2. Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

    OMG this better have a season 2 with as much as a cliff hangar it just pulled on the last episode oh I will be so pissed if this turns out to be one of those one season wonders and it goes no where after this.
  3. What do you use to watch Anime?

    I use either Crunchyroll or HULU, HULU has an outstanding Anime Collection.
  4. Hey everyone im looking for a new anime to watch

    Hitman Reborn is an awesome anime it starts out slow but it gets better and better the longer it goes.
  5. Top 5

    1. Super Mario RPG 2. Xenogears 3. All Suikoden 4. All Tales of games 5. Dynasty Warrior's, Samurai Warrior's, Warrior's Orochi (because they are all part of the same type of series.)
  6. Phantasy Star Online 2 Thought

    Okay I might do that after I play some more ARK but I love me some PSO and PSU
  7. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I honestly did not think that it was a Ghost Recon game but I think it will be amazing from the actual game play footage they showed during the Ubisoft Press Conference. 
  8. About Me

    Thank you for that greeting and I hope I am able to get to talk to everyone.
  9. What is everyone's thought's about this game I thought it looked absolutely amazing and being able to go basically all around the world looks just wow.
  10. Blade & Soul Coming to the West!

    This game is going to be F2P and absolutely F2P if you have watched the 2 streams with the Dev team from NCSoft which includes OMeed who was part of SoE and left for what ever reason or reason's.  They have said that there is not going to be any censorship with any of the character model's what so ever.
  11. New No Mans Sky gameplay footage!!

    Since E3 2015 there is even more new footage and this game is going to be absolutely amazing.
  12. Your fav MMO-RPG?

    Oh my first and still most favorite MMO has got to be Dark Ages of Camelot it revolutionized PvP with the first ever RvR or Realm vs Realm that a lot of new MMO's use to this day so ya.
  13. PSN Gamer Tags

    Torque2484 is my PSN gamer tag
  14. Blade & Soul

    So who else is going to play this since it is finally coming to the US?   I know some of you more likely played the Russian version of the game but I really want to play this version when it gets released over here for the NA/EU.
  15. Phantasy Star Online 2 Thought

    Is this game playable now in the US because I love both the original PSO and PSU so I definitely want to play PSO2

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