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  1. Anyone going to Vidcon

    Say if your going to Vidcon and maybe we can meet up :)
  2. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

    Is it worth it I have been really interested in it and angry joe rated it like a 10/10
  3. Cloverfield

    When it first came out I really liked it alot and it also had lots of bad reviews for some reason
  4. Jurassic World

    Havent watched it yet but Im planning to watch it soon..
  5. Pre ordered got my beta acces I really liked it so far...

    I have been trying to join a faction in Elite Dangerous and I have been having a hard time do anybody have any suggestions on how to join the Federation
  7. Subbed or Dubbed

    Even though its not the fastest car I really like the bullet.. I really like the way it looks.
  8. Subbed or Dubbed

    Personally I really like no dubbed and I don't mind reading subtittles
  9. Hi Im Siegmund

    Hello my name is Sebastian my IGN is usually Siegmund. I live in Las Vegas NV. I really Like games Like CSGO and GTA V I also like Arma 3. I enjoy making new friends  and I really want to find a community that is friendly and that takes games somewhat seriously. I hope that I can join the ADK community and make new friends.

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