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  1. Hi,    I've been wanting to say this for a while, but up until now I wasn't really involved with ADK except that I was playing on your servers. I've decided to get involved in this community now, seeing as I play on your servers almost every day.    So, the first thing I wanted to suggest was for resolving the base raping that sometimes happen on Metro and Lockers. I happen to play a lot on these servers, and when the round ends in base rape I find it quite annoying, especially if the @surrender vote happens within the first 10-15 minutes of the round. I know some other servers use the "nuke" command to solve this, and most of the time I find it helps. So are you guys open to the idea of nuking the raping army? For example, if the RU army is raping the US army on metro, after 5 minutes of the RU army controlling all the flags, or at the admins' discretion, the RU army could be nuked, which would give time to the US army to reclaim C flag. This would allow the rounds to last longer and give the raped army a fighting chance, instead of constantly decreasing the Win/Loss ratio on Battlelog. I'd like to hear what you guys think of this.    The other thing I wanted to talk about is players with high ping. This is a more sensitive topic seeing as a lot of ADK members I see on the Lockers and Metro servers are high pingers. As Battle(non)sense has shown in his recent video, high pingers can easily ruin your game experience, and the effect is amplified when two high pingers are shooting at each other. In his video, he recommends limiting the ping of players to a maximum of 75, which would be great. However, I can see how that would drastically limit the number of players on your servers. I would then suggest a maximum ping limit of 100 for your Battlefield servers, especially the infantry-centric ones like Metro and Lockers. This would greatly reduce the taking of damage behind cover and unfair deaths issues. High pingers have an unfair advantage while playing BF4 and I find that limiting the max ping to 300 is incredibly too lenient. A maximum ping of 100 would create a better experience for everyone on the servers. What do you guys think of lowering the ping limit on ADK servers, especially the infantry-centric ones? 
  2. Server Reputation Information

    This is really helpful, I've been wondering how to change my rep on the servers for a while now. Thanks! 
  3. Introducing myself

    Hello,    I've finally decided to join this community after playing as a lone wolf for years. I'm a Battlefield player, I started with Battlefield 1942/1643 when I was young, and then started seriously playing Battlefield again with BFBC2. I've played way over a thousand hours combined of BFBC2, BF3 and BF4. Nowadays I'm mostly playing on the 24/7 no explosives Operation Lockers server for BF4, and I'll sometimes also play on the Operation Metro server. As I said, I usually play as a lone wolf, but it's getting boring and I'd like to play with a squad that knows what they're doing. When I'm bored of the CQB stuff I'll sometimes join the conquest large server and play a few rounds.    That's pretty much it. I'd like to get involved in this community, possibly admining the BF4 servers I play on almost everyday.   See y'all on the battlefield! 

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