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  1. Responded to one of your apps but didn't make a tracker for it caught myself his name is >>>>>>> sorry about that


  2. Canada eh?

    Please do not come to Toronto, I promise you it's not worth it, don't get fooled by the sites.
  3. Introduction

    Welcome Martzi I hope you enjoy your stay here and please if you are in need of anything please contact us. Hopefully I shall see you in teamspeak.
  4. Anyone here in Canada?

    Hey folks,   I myself live in Ontario, Canada, personally I would like to see if there are any Canadians here and if they are nearby that would be awesome, give me some good feedback if you are. Don't mean to sound creepy but it would be fun lol.   Sincerely, Dib.
  5. My name is Dib. 16 Year old male with balls like a grown man, and a voice deeper than one to. (Mexi). I love to play around socialize and have fun. Always willing to help out and open to questions. I may have some as well. I love to play CS:GO and not so much of league but I will dare play that game if I do have a partner or more. Battlefield I will play when I get my new PC. Please contact me in teamspeak if you would like to stop by comment me on my voice, by all means do so. I can not wait to spend my time here at ADK and can not wait to meet you all. ARK will also be played on my new PC! CS:GO for now boys, just for now I promise.   Sincerely, Dib P.S Mexi you got some competition.

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