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  1. Pyro or Battle Medic?!?

    Battle medic because solemn vow is the best weapon ever created by man, yielding powers of mass destruction, in one use this deadly weapon will hurt like a mofo and it will also spark shame into the enemies hearts, them knowing that they have just gotten hit for 65 by the bust of a bearded marble man renders them suicidal and permanently damage on a psychological level.
  2. Anyone still play this game?

    Tf2 really isnt dead, There are over 4000 dedicated valve servers and more than 3/4ths of them are filled So just Kick back relax and grab yourself a beverage M80 theres a lot of fun to be had :D.
  3. how did you get you summoner name?

    So when i started playing lol it was 2012 and i was 11 so i decided it was a great idea to name myself DARKBLADEZER, after much ridicule at my MLG choice i decided to rename myself to MachoKaiser XD im a morde main and i thought it was about time i went to second base B)  
  4. Fun Builds for random champions

    I accidently posted the same thing twice, sorry please delete this post.
  5. Fun Builds for random champions

    Im looking for some fun builds i can use on any champion, things like FULL ap shaco, wrecking ball rammus, whirlwhind tryndamere, things like that. So i can take breaks from the grind and have some fun on ridiculous buidls.
  6. Engineer Tips

    Ive been playing a bit of engi lately and i need a few tips on using the shotgun and pistol, i seem to be missing most of my shost and i need tips on things like sensitivity and resolution to help with aiming.
  7. Napalm Nipps

    @[member='Crazycomie'] i will stream providing you get me a webcam and the base dollar amount is $80 minimum, this are my nipples your talking about, you dont come around these everyday.
  8. Mordekaiser Builds

    @[member='Greenshaw'] I was thinking a build that could allow me to live longer cause the build im using is very bursty but im dying more than im getting kills most of the time
  9. Mordekaiser Builds

    I main mordekaiser and i was hoping to see if you guys know any seperate builds for him i always go (I start with Will of the ancients then move on to Sorc boots, then i get void staff, then i go rylais crystal sceptre and then liandrys, and then i finish of my build with rabadons .)
  10. Napalm Nipps

    Hello. my name is David and im a new to ADK gaming my main focus in gaming is Counter Strike GO and league of legends. Im 14 years old and I live in southern california. I go really tryhard on counter strike and im trying to get gud. Also i will set my nipples on fire for skins thanks for reading and hello :D

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