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  1. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    [URL=http://s1029.photobucket.com/user/iNinjAC130/media/20150711_141601_zps1ce4weim.jpg.html][/URL] Kinda weird image but you get the Gist
  2. Who Else Loves Game of Thrones?

    Not to spoil anything, but i dont want to have any weddings ever again...
  3. whats your guys or girls go to snack for gaming?

    Personally my  go to snacks are 7 layer dip Combos and Mtn Dew Kickstart. The Orange one
  4. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    There are alot of replies so im just gonna go ahead and ask again if someone has already asked. Is anyone here around Ft Hood/Killeen Area? If So, we could meet up and chill!
  5. Hey Guys, Its Greed here, I'm a new applicant here. So a little about me. I'm 21, currently serving in the US Army. Please don't ask me what I do. I cant tell. I work in Intel and that's all i can say. Anyway, I Live in Texas, currently engaged and will soon be married. She isn't a gamer... YET, but when i finally convert her, I'll send her this way too. I listen to every music and pretty much anything you can think of a high schooler doing, I've probably done it. In one year alone, I did Electronics (building circuit board), Graphics Design, Trained Horses and worked as a Ranch Hand, I was in a band as a Drummer, as well as played Football and Baseball. I skateboard occasionally and have tattoos. I also curse a lot, so I kinda hope that It won't be an issue, It kinda comes with the territory of being in the military. Anyway, I also did Forensic science and photography. I Like to consider myself VERY diverse socially and usually an alpha type. I've been to Korea, and that's sadly the only overseas country I have explored. I can speak English and German fluently as well as Italian and Korean but barely. I picked the name Greed because when I started playing CS:S, I was on a team on Gamebattles and we were 7D$ (7 Deadly Sins) and the admins of the group were the 7 sins. Mine was Avarice, but the Latin word is Avaretia, So i went by that, however, too many people mess up the word so I changed it to Greed.   So enough about myself as a person. If you have more question about me, feel free to PM me. Now about my gaming.    I have been gaming since I was 8 years old, starting with Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the N64. Afterwards, i went back and played the NES and SNES as well as the original Pong machine. I played fairly casually in all my games until Call of Duty:World At War, where I was offered a contract to play on a competitive team. Unfortunately that fell through due to internet payment issues with my family. However, that opened my mind to the idea of playing competitively. I played MLG Gamebattle matches on all of the call of duty until League of Legends was released. I have played that since mid-season 1. I have been playing ranked since Late season 2, however, and I'm currently ranked Gold. Before I joined the Army, I was part of a competitive team and we were competing in an Alienware League of Legends Tournament where the price was $4000 (i think) and we started out 6-0, however, I had to leave the team because I had to leave for Basic Training. I'm not really sure how my team did, I hope they won. If they do, they owe me a cut! :P   My bread and butter in the video gaming world, however, would be Counter-Strike. I started playing in 1.6 where i would pretty much troll around in de_office until CS:S came out, where it opened my eyes to the CS world. I was playing everything from Gamebattles to Surf, Soccer, Minigames, Jailbreak, Deathrun. etc. I started playing CSGO about 3 months after it was released and immediately went into competitive, which may have not been the best option since i started as Silver 4. However, since then I have climbed my way to MG1. It's been a struggle as I went from SEM to GN1 and back and forth from those two ranks about 8 times while I was in Korea (I played with an Australian team which had a lot of communication issues). However, when I left Korea, I started cracking down and playing more serious as a solo player to increase my skill before joining a community called Elite Gamers Community, where I met Gust of Win, who eventually brought me here. I currently exercise my CSGO muscles playing with random teams that have wanted me to play with them (No, I have no actually joined any of them) as well as coaching some smaller teams (My main team that I coach consists of 3 GN's and 2 Silvers) Coaching for me really helps my own playstyle because i can look at the game objectively and learn from my students what I can do better and what I need to look for to exploit. (I.e. The corners most people check while taking a site) Yeah, well I think that's enough blabbering from me now. If you have any more questions, PLEASE feel free to PM me or talk to me in Teamspeak and I will gladly answer or talk to anyone! Thanks for having me guys!      P.S. I also stream and have been trying to cut videos for Youtube so ANY help I can get on that, It's GREATLY appreciated. If you'd like to check out some of my graphics design stuff (Overlays and what not) I can show you not only the stuff that I use, but the stuff I designed as well. I try not to use the designs that I created myself, however my CSGO overlay is my custom one. (It changes colors!) 

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