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  1. Spanky Naval Strike Event - September 18 2015

     Graphics card in attachment[attachment=6702:Graphics_Card.docx]
  2. Public apology

    This is a very public apology to all that were in #6 on Saturday. At one point there was a guy that was pretty obviously hacking, but it took a while for someone to go and spectate and kick him.   During that time many things were said, both in chat as well as in TeamSpeak, that, in hindsight shouldn't have been.   I, for one, took the angry and frustrated comments aimed at ADK, the admins, etc. personally, and instead of letting them go, felt the need to add my BS to the mix.   This was a mistake and didn't help ANYTHING, least of all the professionalism and shown by others in the ADK community.   I was a very poor representative of the tags I wear and for that I sincerely apologize for my poor judgement.   Additionally, I owe CRASH a specific and public apology for being a total jerk to him.  No excuses; I totally screwed up and hope that you will accept my apology, sir.   Sincerely,           Zalezoom
  3. Is it worth it? Premium

    Yes - I also bought Deluxe first, but then paid for the upgrade to Premium.  Was a great decision.
  4. BF4 Helicopter Shenanigans

    Haha - phantom rotors?
  5. BF4 Jet Shenanigans - Gravity Defiance pt 2

    Something tells me that that particular bit of in-game physics is broken.
  6. Kitchen's epic UCAV compilation.

    AWESOME!! I could never pilot them that well.
  7. Addition to the Family

    Beautiful, all.  Your Second Amendment right there. 
  8. Is Battlefield Hardline Worth The Purchase

    From everything I've read and seen...NO. It's not worth it - at least on PC. Console players tell me it's more fun there.
  9. USAS-12 labeled as explosive

    In Metro, too.  I a-l-m-o-s-t did the same thing, but got yelled at before actually killing someone.
  10. Metro...again

    Does get frustrating when smoke and flares start emerging - especially when someone tosses a frag, but doesn't actually kill you with it (90 damage).
  11. I can fly

    Awesome, indeed!  I tried once with a tank, but never made it as high.
  12. Music

    I get too distracted by having music going while playing - the musician part of me gets too into that instead of the game! Music I like:  Most everything. Rock, Classical, Bluegrass, Metal, Electronic, Jazz.   Currently on iPhone - "Mars" from Holst's "The Planets", followed by Metallica "Enter Sandman"...
  13. Zalezoom's introduction thread

    Thanks QQtiePie!  Still trying to find my way around the forums, but getting there!  Glad to be here.
  14. Zalezoom's introduction thread

    You, as well, War Thunder  Was a good time, indeed!  
  15. Im Not Crazy There is a BOX!!

    That's too funny.  I've never seen it there before.

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