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  • Birthday 10/10/1975

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    Gaming, computer hardware, reading, vintage audio, vinyl collecting, scifi, ingress

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  • OS
    Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Mobo
    Asus Rampage IV Extreme
  • Processor
    Intel 4930k @ 4.5
  • Graphics
    Sapphire R9 290x Tri-x
  • PSU
    Corsair AX-760
  • RAM
    16 Gb Kingston HyperX PC3-1833
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 PRO 512gb
  • Audio
    NAD D1050
  • Monitor
    2 x iiyama Prolite X2377HDS
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4
  • Peripherals
    Logitech G402 Hyperion / Corsair K70 / Sennheiser PC-310
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  1. Hiya Bloodylane here

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Bloodylane'], enjoy your stay.
  2. Hello ADK

    Hi, @[member='Bester7544'], welcome to the ADK community !
  3. *breathes heavily* Hello, I'm Mellie.

    Welcome to ADK @[member='Mellie'], you sound like a fun person.
  4. absthatsme

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='absthatsme'].  If you've been a long for that long, you might as well join us right :)  Glad you did.
  5. Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Spindizee'], hope you enjoy your stay.  Very nice setup you got there, makes a hardware geek as myself drool a bit :D
  6. Mellie singing to me... HI?

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Tripla'] enjoy your stay and don't be a stranger.  It's nice to see people around with a positive mind set.
  7. Yo Whats up - Mishka

    Hi @[member='Mishka'], welcome to the ADK community.  I tend to agree with @[member='Mellie'], Cars : check, games : check, unhealthy amount of computer time : check ... you'll fit in just fine  :lol:
  8. chochingo

    Hello @[member='chochingo'], welcome to the ADK community !
  9. MrMcaustin1's Introduction

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='MrMcaustin1'].
  10. Sup everyone

    Hello there @[member='Spazzin'], welcome to the ADK community.  Glad you like this place, there's a lot to love.   As yourself I'm quite shy and had to work on it, it is however well worth it.  Hop on teamspeak, jump in some games and have fun, and soon you'll be talking to a lot of different people and making friends.  Don't be a stranger :)
  11. Ic3d_PR0f3cy Introduction

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Ic3d_PR0f3cy'] !    Hop on to teamspeak some time.
  12. I'm just here so I won't get fined

    Welcome to the ADK community, so ... what likes do you game?
  13. I'm not the real Batman... sorry.

    Welcome to the ADK community  :D
  14. Hey all im Zenoeses and im an H1Z1 player

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Zenoeses']
  15. Introducing of the one and only

    Welcome to the ADK community @[member='Louisderick']

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