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    Windows 8.1
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    MSI ATX DDR3 2133 Motherboard
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    Intel Core i7-4790 Processor
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    GeForce GTX 970 Super Clocked
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    Corsair CX Series 750 Watt
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    16 GB Ram - Kingston HyperX
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    2x 2TB HD, x1 250GB SSD
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    3x 24" LG Monitor

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  1. i am notmuch on stats b

    lol nice!
  2. Louisville or NKY/Ohio

    @[member='KruSuPhy'] I currently live in Lexington, KY
  3. Hello my name is Derek

    @[member='Dwight K Shrute'] Welcome to ADKGamers man! Thanks for your Service with the US Marines. My brother is Currently in the Process of becoming a Marine.
  4. Its time to come back

    @[member='ToeCollector'] Can't wait to meet you on the TS.
  5. Im Not Crazy There is a BOX!!

  6. ScrublordSqueaker checking in!

    @[member='Scrublordsqueaker'] Yo what's up. Welcome to ADK Gamers. Whenever you come onto the TS hmu and maybe we could play some ARK SE.
  7. Fox Four Alpha Introduction

    @[member='Fox Four Alpha'] Welcome to ADK Gamers. Let anyone know if you need help with anything man.
  8. BF4 Helicopter Shenanigans

    lol. I've done worst. Got trapped under the middle section of the map 
  9. HELLO

    @[member='northern1']   Welcome to ADKGamers! Hope you have Fun here! What Position do you playing in Football?
  10. Hey Guys,

    @[member='Sleepypill']   What is your name on Steam?
  11. ADK Refined - 2015 Website Update

    @[member='Pepsi']   Great Job. Loving it!
  12. Star Wars BattleFront

    So many of you may know that the alpha version of Battlefront is released on July 2nd 2015. Myself I was invited by EA to play the alpha version. Anyone that has the alpha version can pre load the game July 1st 2015. Please comment below if you can play the alpha version. I wanna find some people that I can play with when it releases in a couple of days.
  13. true. Sleep More Play More

    1. Sparrow


      And have a shitbucket

  14. Hey Guys,

    @[member='Sleepypill'] Welcome to ADKGamers. Hope you have fun! What rank are you in CSGO?

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