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    gaming cartoons and women >.o

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    windows 8.1
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    AMD FX-6300 Sic-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
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    8.00 GB
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    1 TB HDDs
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    E320-A0 (AMD High Definition Audio Device)
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    32' Vizio HDTV
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    CyberPowered PC Red Led Gaming case
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    speed test with wifi below
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  1. Hello (awkward silence)

    @[member='Sadcon'] welcome to adk! Im sure you will find lots of people here who enjoy playing minecraft like you! not just that but other games as well! Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  2. Hello

    welcome to =ADK= great community of people here! I consider myself more hardcore gamer, but there are plenty of laid back players here!
  3. Hi

    Welcome to ADK man :D  "best gamming community in world" lol seriously good people here need anything ask someone is always waiting to help!   :Eating Zombie:
  4. Hello Please, MrGoat Here.

    Hey Mr.Goat ^_^ Hows it going good to see you here with us! Well I already know who you are but welcome anyways =P
  5. Hello Guys

    Welcome to adk! happy to have you with us =)! I am a fan of older call of duty games myself not so much the newer sci fi like ones now. but make yourself at home!
  6. Welcome to AKD glad to have you aboard!
  7. Hello Im Krixous

    oh hey thanks for the welcome! ^_^ @[member='QQtiePie'] I Enjoy bike riding and hiking and just going to the park to hang out with my family. I am a fan of Dragons Dogma and elder scrolls (not online) also enjoy some hardcore games like Dark souls and Dark souls II. I'm mainly a fan of Hardcore RPG games that put your skills to the test so I enjoy max difficulty games!
  8. Favorite dinosaur so far

    By the way Great job with this post its a great post. I love reading other peoples responses and why and what dinos are popular among us ark fans! I look forward to seeing other peoples answer!
  9. Favorite dinosaur so far

    I Had a raptor! I fought tooth and claw to keep him alive while i was taiming it.... killed a 37 raptor and then was ambushed by a level 18 rex. that ran me out of food arrows and was at 50 health.... but i managed to kill the rex. was gathering some berries to regain hunger when 2 sabers a 37 and 26 mate boosted come charging my way with a bird following them. I jumped on a rock and speared the bird to death then stoned the one cat and finished off the other cat with some arrows i crafted. "I Fought tooth and claw" and I mean it litteraly.   then the admin "Unofficialy" killed em QQ poor razor!   I want to make a graveyard for all my dinos i will have and loose. but he was my favorite! I never fought that hard in this game. always ran so I never got a raptor. But I wasn't giving up this time! I Wanted him and i got him. good pet and my favorite simply because of the work i put into him!   May he rest in peace! :Eating Zombie:
  10. Hi, I'm Sifo'Dias

    Welcome welcome! enjoy your gaming! ^_^
  11. A Rising Storm

    @[member='Mr. Lightning Bolt'] Hey welcome aboard! Love your motto, and mostly enjoy your stay! :lol:
  12. Hello I'm StarLord

    Hey Starlord :D
  13. Hello Im Krixous

    Hey Im Krixous On PvE server 1 and Im part of Guardians of the Isle! Im on TS when I Can give me a shout!

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