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  1. Final Fantasy XIV

    I posted a few days ago about starting this game soon :D   I'll probably be playing on Jenova because ADK doesn't have a Final Fantasy community :( and a couple of the streamers I'm subbed to do.
  2. Terraria anyone?

    One of the streamers I watch on Twitch, Dodger, has an awesome Terraria server if you'd like to join in that and play with us.
  3. Taletell Series

    I love TellTale games and have personally played them all/are caught up on all the current episodes. If you are into games like that though I would suggest checking out Life is Strange and some other visual novels/point&clicks because TellTale is not the best in the genre by far.   Nintendo has an epic series called Professor Layton (its seriously epic).
  4. Hi Again

    I'll have to check out your stream sometime but welcome back to ADK ^_^ (I'm fairly new here)
  5. Final Fantasy 14

    I've been looking into this game for quite some time now and decided I should give it a try.   For those of you who don't know Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO that does have a subscription fee every month to play but also has some of the nicest and helpful players combined with the most amount of content I've seen in an MMO since World of Warcraft.   There also was a huge add on that just came out recently which further enhanced the story and added much more content on top of the already massive game.   When I start I will be joining the Jenova server which is the same server that Twitch Streamers JP, Dodger, Strippin, and their communities play on.   ***My question to fellow ADK members is if anyone would like to invest their time into this MMO and would like to level a character with me throughout the game***   Please let me know via steam by messaging or friend requesting me. Steam: McBriarty
  6. Forming D&D group

    UPDATE: First off sorry for the inactivity in this thread. I am still planning on doing this very soon but my computer had some problems when delivered to me but my new one will be here on Monday.   Everyone who is interested please send me a friend request on Steam. (Same as my forum name) I will also be sending out private messages about this.   Thank you ^_^
  7. Hey i'm Pre0nic

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   I also watch Summit1g (sometimes) and DizzyKitten play CS:GO. Feel free to jump into the TeamSpeak and chat with the Counter Strike players!
  8. Hello

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   From your game selections I see you are a fairly laid back gamer. Would love to talk Fallout with you or simply drive around in Euro Truck sim sometime!
  9. Hello everyone :)

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   We have a few games in common so I can't wait to get schooled in every single one of them by you xD
  10. Hey, I'm SuperNickCherry

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   I used to stream almost everyday and would love to play some CS:GO or stream with you sometime!
  11. Hi my name is Kyle!

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   The CS:GO community here is very friendly so you'll have a great time with them in TeamSpeak and the ADK server!
  12. Hi Im Siegmund

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   I also came here looking for players who take the game somewhat seriously. Would love to play with you sometime in CS:GO.
  13. Hello o/

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   Mind telling everyone a little about yourself?
  14. Hello All

    Welcome to ADK ^_^   I personally don't play Wildstar (yet) but I am trying to form a D&D group right now if you're interested. Hope to see you around the TeamSpeak!
  15. Possible Movie Night?

    ***I would need someone to test this before it becomes official to make sure the quality is above par***

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