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  1. Whats your BC2 Name..

  2. vzw iPhone

    jail break that thing. My ATT iphone is a wireless hot spot with no user connection limit other than speed degregation. I'm sure Verizon version will multitask through a jailbreak. Biggest point is unlimited data with it's initial offering. ATI=Droid NVIDIA=Iphone (youcantseeitanyotherwayIcantevenlistentowavfileswithoutanappwannabees) gg
  3. Wanna play TF2 like the pros? :-p [REPOST]

    The age old Nvidia vs ATI debate. Both are great, Nvidia always seems to be an inch ahead. That's why I own an ATI - 3870x2. I personally miss the days when the new releases made you have to upgrade your Vid-card everytime. I havent upgraded since COD4. gg
  4. The American Dream is it over?

    wow, I have 6 kids and cant imagine. The dream is Putting food on the table, providing shelter, seeing a smile, your wife giving you a kiss when you dont expect it, watching your kids play sports / computer games(not console :( ) / music. The American Dream gives us the ability to do this to the next level. As Im typing a response on my computer, attached to a comcast fiber connection thinking about gaming this weekend with 4 of my kids sitting in the same room as me all with headphones/mics on, screaming at the top of their lungs because of the game noise and knowing I'll be yelling at them "I'm right here quit screaming". All that comes to mind is how could we not see we're all living the American Dream? The dream is alive and well. Anything is possible, only thing holding you back is yourself... gg

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