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  1. What is your favorite breakfast?

    i would definately have to choose french toast topped with fruits. or i could go for short stack of blueberry pancakes. 
  2. You are being hunted down for reasons unknown ...

    i would be hunted down by Ornstein and Smaug. I would never live from that because its 2 v 1.
  3. I need people to play with

    im down you can add me on steam "ItsRainzzzz", i usually playing cs go or an rpg tho lol. but im down for more multiplayer action with adk all the time
  4. Steam summer sale

    So since the steam summer sale has been happening what has everyone gotten to spend gabens dollars on? i have bought like every rpg because ive never played like rpgs before so i decided why not try them out since most of them are like 5 to 15 bucks now. right now im playing valkyrie chronicles, then probably fallout, into dark souls
  5. Who Else Loves Game of Thrones?

    i honestly have never watched game of thrones i hear it gets great reviews but for some reason i cant wrap my head around the show to watch it? i dont know if it will suck me in enough?
  6. any1 good with pc's?

    wow thanks guys this was alot of help im getting my build on pcpartpicker from different builds like you said. that site is really helpful to be honest. i want to be around 700 to 800 so thats what im trying to factor in everything.
  7. any1 else happy?

    im so glad that lebron didnt get that damn ring. dont get me wrong he is a great player and probably gonna be in hall of fame, but golden state definately deserved it steph curry one of the greatest.
  8. any1 good with pc's?

    im trying to build a new computer from scratch my first time doing this. was wondering if any1 is more tech savy then i am lol. i just want to run every game on high. which is supposed to be amazing from low graphics lol. 
  9. Open World games or Closed borders

    i prefer open world games because if i see a mountain in the distance i want to go to the top of that mountain. i feel like closed borders is not fun and makes you feel like your closed in and not natural at all. 
  10. whats your guys or girls go to snack for gaming?

    dude pretzel sticks are amazing, if im feeling really fat i will get the chocolate covered ones lmao. also animal crackers can be put into this situation
  11. whats your guys or girls go to snack for gaming?

    yeah my drink is usually monsters or redbulls its very bad lmao but so good at the same time
  12. avengers: age of ultron

    This movie was top notch amazing. the way they worked together and found out about ultron was pretty amazing. then the fact that they made the vision was super awesome. the best part about that movie was when vision picked up thors hammer that just symbolizes on how much power vision has. i cant wait till the next movie in the sequence
  13. Game Loyalty

    i usually like to play the oddworld franchise, i used to play them with my dad so thats why i keep going back to it and of course i always go back to everquest once and awhile especially since they made the new p99 progression servers
  14. i have no idea if this is weird or not but im the one usually going for fruits. like grapes or apples and strawberries. helps keep up the energy when gaming and keeps me focused, but if i had to choose a really bad snack it would definately be popcorn :). 
  15. Pre-Order Access to Garbage at Relase

    i totally agree this day and age of early access is killing the gaming communities. they should have the game atleast in beta before i should be able to play it that is what my opinion is atleast. i hate waiting for 2 years to be able to get to a beta stage of a game and playing with all the alpha bugs till then. all i heard during the pc gaming conference in e3 was early access this and that. it was really cringe worthy. but i guess that is the normal thing to see these days so ill jus thave to get used to it. 

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