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  1. Fallout 4 First impressions ?

    ...although as an added thought I've never in my life been so excited about duct tape and wonderglue >:-D
  2. Fallout 4 First impressions ?

    I'm really enjoying it so far...not so much that it has consumed my life and ruined my studies at Uni thankfully, but I love the lore and Fallout universe.  One huuuuuuge gripe though is that every time I try to get into power armour, if I'm not directly behind it, it usually glitches.  So quicksaving before putting it on is essential and slightly annoying :-/   The base building meta is a really interesting addition, although they have made it slightly difficult to keep up with scavenging demands if you've got a few settlements liberated that you need to protect!
  3. Rainbow Six Siege?

    It'll be interesting to see SilentKiller166, it's nice to see some good tactical games like R6:S and Squad coming out of the woodwork though :-)
  4. Rainbow Six Siege?

    Heyhey guys :-)   Just wondering if anyone else in ADK has taken to R6S - feel free to add me on uPlay if you're up for teaming :-)   ID: OccamSHaver
  5. Intro Stuffs V2.0

    Cheers Mellie! :) Many thanks again Laith, sorry I can't manage into BF but soon hopefully! :D
  6. Intro Stuffs V2.0

    That's great news :D  Tbh my wee cousin got me into playing Terraria lol, I didn't really manage to get into Minecraft at all...really looking forward to broadening my games collection :D
  7. Intro Stuffs V2.0

    I've got a few friends in Tennessee Medic :) but hoping to see a bit more of the country than just Tn :D
  8. Intro Stuffs V2.0

    Thanks Medic...aye, it's a gorgeous place to live :D  Although I'm looking forward to travelling to the States next year :) And thankyou kindly Gust :)   Heyhey Magz :D  I also play World of Warcraft and yes, Terraria - sadly my lappy isn't up to playing much more but once the new rig is built, GTA V and Fallout will be added to that list!  It's always good seeing other grills in gaming communities, we're soooooo outnumbered ;)  Looking forward to seeing some of you ingame & TS! :D
  9. Intro Stuffs V2.0

    Okayyyy, I posted an intro specifying BF4 back when I first registered for the forums, but with the bumbling speed my laptop runs BF4 at I've decided to wait until I've built the new rig...soooo in the meantime I picked up CS:GO and have found myself slightly addicted.   All despite the fact I suck so, so badly!   I'm currently unranked, working towards that magic 10 wins, and looking for other people to play with. :-)   Studying Sound Production at the local uni, hopefully the first year of a 4 year honours degree in Audio Engineering.  I'm a geeky grill, have a huge soft spot for my dog, enjoy travelling and constantly adding to my movie collection.   Any help or advice on CS:GO or GPU's would be much appreciated - building an i7-4790k setup with 16Gb RAM which will be used for not only gaming, but video editing and music production.   Residing in bonny auld Scotland! Saor Alba :-)
  10. S'up from Manchester

    Heyhey Vanucci and cheers for an entertaining introduction to yourself! :-D From Scotland myself, but haven't been properly able to join in with the community gaming as I'm using my crapola laptop atm, hoping to get an i7 4790k build finished very soon so I can be more involved! Hopefully meet you in BF or CS :-) Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  11. teach me :)

    Great tips here, thanks all!! :-)  It's always good to find things to help you learn :)
  12. Heyhey :-)

    Absolutely Sparrow! Nice - you're not that far from where I was!  I'd love to visit again, adored the place first time round and always vowed to make the trip another time...you'll certainly know if I'm on my way lmao :D     Definitely m8, see you in BF :D

    Origin ID - OccamsHaver
  14. Heyhey :-)

    Cheers Surdawi :D  It'll be a priority as soon as I've got peace to chat!
  15. Heyhey :-)

    Hehe I took the lead from yer wee profile box ;)  it was 17 years ago so I don't remember many placenames, but we landed at Heraklion and stayed in Kokkini Hani - took a trip to visit Knossos...which was absolutely stunning - and visited a few of the tiny wee villages up in the hills :D  also visited Spinalonga, fascinating place...as for Santorini - almost didn't want to come back from there lol, and wouldn't mind going back to explore more! :)

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