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  1. Hello Please, MrGoat Here.

    Thank you all very much for the welcome messages! I have come to know many of the members of ADK as well as working closely with the Admins to make sure things are running smooth for the ARK players. I would love to help anyone that feels like they are struggling in game or in real life, so please feel free to message me here or find me on TS!  Look forward to future days with you people here at ADK and hope you all are enjoying your time here as well.    Much Love,    MrGoat
  2. Favorite dinosaur so far

    @[member='loopup2u']    Yes, the monkeys are going to be great to have "wandering" around the base!
  3. Favorite dinosaur so far

    I really enjoy the Scorpion. It is useful with low melee as a tranq and awesomely fast. Also is very useful with high damage. =) Happy Taming!
  4. Hello Please, MrGoat Here.

    You can add me on steam - Search for HungerTames or GoatSteem or click http://steamcommunity.com/id/realgoat/
  5. :bread:    I'm 28, I'm here to have fun and promote positive energy. If you need anything anytime feel free to contact me at 954.300.1806.    -MrGoat

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