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  • OS
    windows 8.1
  • Mobo
    Asus z87-a
  • Processor
    intel core I7-4771
  • Graphics
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
  • PSU
    ATX - 800w
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • Storage
    1 TB + 1TB+ 2x500 GB
  • Audio
  • Monitor
    ASUS VK278Q 27-Inch Full-HD 2ms LED Monitor with Webcam
  • Case
    Coolermaster Storm Scout II ADV Midi No PSU Black
  • Peripherals
    Razer Deathstalker , R.A.T 7 Cyborg , Trust GXT 340
  1. Battle.net ID Tags

    TzickyT#2754 - mostly playing EU
  2. Closing Shop

    i was wondering on wich server u guys were playing poorly that this happened :(
  3. Introduction of CorrivalB3ast

    hi welcome
  4. Tinychat in Alec's Traphouse!

    if it was possible i would have joined but yeah -.- time issue i guess ...   looks enjoable
  5. I love QQtiePie

    sounds nice
  6. Are There any Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh

    hi i was wondering if there were some fans of yu-gi-oh inthis community.   why am i asking this after watching the anime i was wondering if there were actualy peolple playing like me the cardgame and are intrested to actualy talk a bit about the game itself on teamspeak or so. if there are i would like to wonder wich grade of duelist you are ( pro - fun - semi comp - etc.)
  7. Have you watched Owari no Seraph?

    wil watch it later probebly working on some others atm

    i have it don't enjoy it and also this is on the wrong position of the forum
  9. why do people take photos on my phone

    .. ok nice friends u have ....
  10. Windows 10

    wohoo upgrade
  11. Borderlands

    i don't like playing it anymore have 250+ hours on it and i only play for storyline
  12. Anyone watch Mecha type anime?

    watched a few of them not many just a few like all gundams and some other ones
  13. Is Silinto a 1 hit wonder or not?

    next time ad a vid to it so we can unserstand this silinto ...
  14. Borderlands

    got all borderlands 2 dlc's

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