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  1. Just back from robotics camp, lots of good ideas for the new game

  2. Hello ADK, SpaceFace here. My real name is Corbin, and I've survived almost 16 years so far. ADK is my first online community. I found you guys through PlanetSide 2, and I thought well, why not give it a go. I'm excited to be a part of an awesome gaming community. Most of my time is spent on PlanetSide 2, Minecraft, or CS:GO. I also enjoy robotics and web developing. I know some Java, and I've been certified in HTML5. I'm not very good at posting stuff about myself; I'm a pointer, not a painter. If you have any questions, though, feel free to ask! Throw a problem at me and my inner engineer will probably fix it for you. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to gaming with you all!
  3. Michiganders

    I'm the grand rapids area. on the topic of color guard, our winter guard got first in their division and promoted in MCGC state finals last year. i perform in drumline, though, not guard

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