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  1. so sorry everyone :(

    1. LaithSJ


      for what buddy ? what happened ?

  2. Hey I'm pasta

    welcome back bud :) AOB is absolutely still active in the forums.
  3. Hi!

    Nice to meet you :)
  4. Hi, I am "Avastian!

    Nice to meet you! My name's Defer and I recruit for Battlefield- A recruiter for your section should be with you soon. I personally don't use any antivirus except for windows defender and my own common sense :) but i had used avast for a while. what type of games do you play?
  5. Introduction; iohoh

    nice to meet you man! a league recruiter should be with you soon, if you have any questions until then feel free to send me a PM Enjoy your stay!
  6. About this kid.

    Great to meet you :) if you have any questions, We're always here to help! Do you play any other games? I for one play BF4, R6S, and a few others.
  7. Had a lot of fun tonight

    Felt great being able to unwind after this week with you guys :) next week's break from school I plan to get on some more, I've been caught up with an AP Economics class :P    
  8. I MADE A MOVIE, link in signature

  9. Thanks for the opportunity AOB!
  10. Let's get somewhere

  11. You all mean so much to me, thank you for everything :)

    1. AOBLXIX


      No thank you! :)

  12. Hello from Maine!

    Greetings from Massachusetts!! Hope you have an awesome time
  13. Clemzzzz Introduction

    Cools :) Welcome! How did you find ADK?

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