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  1. How will you play SC?

    Once the FPS module gets released I am buying in to the game for sure. Any ETA on this by the way?
  2. I was also looking for more power play updates :(
  3. Windows 10 Updates!!!!

    The only reason I am going because it will be free, DX12 and windows 7 support is going away :( .  I like the whole touch screen aspect of windows 8 but I can't find a 144hz touch screen monitor... unless someone can point the way.
  4. Hello my name is ManBear

    @[member='ManBear'] welcome! A lot of nice people and welcoming people all over the teamspeak. What games do you like to play most the time?
  5. Elite Dangerous For Xbox

    From what I have played with it so far on Xbox 1 it  has frame rate issues for me at least. I don't like the controls, they just seem really complicated. I seen some people do like the way the controls are and wish it could transfer to PC but those are my two complaints on it. Controls feel awkward and frame rate issues.
  6. I used MKB for awhile then I got a hotas. It just really depends on what you are more comfortable with. I can play either way and having voice attack really helps also.

    I always spend my money so I don't have alot but what to cover my ship insurance lol
  8. Elite Dangerous For Xbox

    Is any going to get this?   What are your thoughts about it?
  9. What is your IGN?

    Edit- " Mickael "
  10. Hi, i'm Ritzy.

  11. SUPPPP

    Welcome! Hope to see you in game sometime!
  12. Hello Eveyone!

    Thanks everyone. I'll come up and play some battlefield sometime.  I really like open world games. Like building stuff but sometimes soloing takes along time to do what I want so it discourages me lol.   I say favorite song to play on guitar at the moment at least is "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by The Georgia Satelites. Just a good jame song.
  13. Hello Eveyone!

    More recently I spend more time in Elite Dangerous and ArK: Survival Evolved. I do play Battlefield though from time to time.
  14. Flight Stick

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16879337003&cm_re=hotas_joystick-_-79-337-003-_-Product   This is what I use. Its pretty good. Does what I need and its cheap.
  15. What is your IGN?

    Mine is " Mikael "

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