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  1. How is Wildstar now??

    <3 yay! I look forward to meeting you ^^
  2. How is Wildstar now??

    @[member='HoboStab']   Can you clarify HOW it is bad? Just saying another game is better isn't making a case, and if you are going to come to another games board and trash on it, you should at least give valid reasons why.   You are of course entitled to your opinion and, like Ack said, to each their own, but we would appreciate it if you didn't chase away other people by making vague statements that likely don't hold true for everyone. Otherwise, you just look like you are trying to get people to join your game by trashing other games, which is really... kinda sad.   And I am not trashing on Blade and Soul. Several of our guild members in WS play Blade and Soul, but they also play Wildstar regularly, so there must be something there for them to keep playing. I say give it a real try. (One day is not a real try).
  3. Raad Shenanigans

    Fyona looks like she is giving Ack the cold shoulder for snuggling with Holo... LOL XD
  4. Raad Shenanigans

    omg perfectly timed! I love how Knoxx and Chicken almost mirror each other hahaha
  5. How is Wildstar now??

    You should!! :D We are always looking for new people to play with!
  6. Happy New Year!

    *Raises Glass* *chugs it* *Smashes it on the floor* LET'S DO THIS!
  7. Merry Christmas My Wildstar Friends!

    Thanks Rockie! Hope you can play again someday but we all understand how important real life is :)
  8. How is Wildstar now??

    Yeah we are on Entity!
  9. What is this game

    Hexicgamer is Hexus, Ack.... Unless someone stole his Youtube ID lol
  10. The great snowball fight champs!

  11. Proto-Present Turret Giveaway!

    Apparently it only gives you one code per household because I did it first, without issue, but when Knoxx did it, it said the code was invalid. We checked and we got the same code, despite being on different computers.
  12. Commercial Caroling (Winterfest Event)

    Sweet, ty Ack. Sorry you had to do that, i should be the one posting that stuff :(
  13. Proto-Present Turret Giveaway!

    Yep Got mine too!
  14. How is Wildstar now??

    Looking forward to new people to play with!
  15. I just submitted mine. Hopefully they are still doing the promotion. I really want the sword so I can make my mordesh even more Necro-mancery

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