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  1. World Of Warcraft Returns To =ADK=

    Man! So glad to see this but I'm already in a solid Alliance guild on Sargeras. I used to play Horde but it was on a different server. I'll make a toon, fill out the app and see what happens. So glad to see you guys putting in the work though to see if we can get something like this started.
  2. How is this game?

    I'm interested in checking this game out again but am worried I won't be able to get into it. I play WOW pretty heavily as it is and have a hard time getting into other MMO's. I played this for like a month, laughed at the rediculous subscription fee and canceled my account. Now that it's going free to play I'm strongly considering giving it another shot. I only played the one 2 handed melee class and really found it to be quite boring. Engineer always looked fun... maybe I'll try that out. 
  3. Naru & Laith ChainLink Event!

    Been itching to get back on BF4. Been really busy at work but I will hopefully be home by 730 and make it to this event. I LOVE YOU @[member='Laith SJ'] and can't wait to get my hands on yo tags.
  4. born

  5. Base building

    This guide helped me out a lot Really enjoying the game but having some trouble making sure I'm well fed and not dying of thirst. I think I need a just boiled and cook a ton of food so I dont have to worry about it anymore.
  6. ADK BF4 Emblems INFO

    I also applied to the platoon and would love that sweet emblem. I recently got accepted to ADK and would love some info on where I can copy it from. Thanks
  7. Battlefield Zombie Mode

    This sounds insanely fun. I would love to join you guys next time you run some of these. I used to love zombie games in StarCraft and it sounds sort of similar. Cod zombies has always been OK to me but this sounds like it's a blast.
  8. Virtue's TDM/DOM BF4 Event

    I will definitely be there for this. I love playing with you guys and already feel like I'm improving my PC game. I have enough unlocks to do some damage now too so the game is changing for me constantly. I will be home by 7PM est hopefully and should be able to stay up as late as needed.
  9. Virtue's TDM/DOM BF4 Event

    I will definitely be there for this. I love playing with you guys and already feel like I'm improving my PC game. I have enough unlocks to do some damage now too so the game is changing for me constantly. I will be home by 7PM est hopefully and should be able to stay up as late as needed.
  10. Battlefield Zombie Mode

    Has anyone tried this? I would love a zombie mode in battlefield! I don't want to mod anything though and mess up my account. Anyone know if this mod is legit and safe to use? Anyone have a video of it in action? I couldn't find anything on youtube. Any more information would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Playing BF on multiple platforms

    Yeah It's more just the conflict between leaving those guys behind. The more I play on PC the less I want to get battlefront on PS4. I think I may have to get it on PC from the start and maybe pick it up later on PS4. It's just a tough decision. As far as comparing the two they both have their merits. People are generally less lethal on consoles because everyones aim is less tight. The gameplay tends to be more chaotic and sloppier which is really fun if you get good. PC offers such a higher level of control though and is hard to dispute as the dominant platform. All of the server features, the community, better graphics. I mainly just want to make sure I'm playing on the best platform when battlefront launches. 
  12. For years I have bought battlefield on both PC and PS3/PS4. My problem is this... I have family members and friends that I'm really close with that will probably never dip into PC gaming for a variety of reasons. It's just mainly too much of a hassle for them. Personally I consider myself to be a pretty avid PC fan who has built hundreds of PCs (mainly workstations for my job). I love playing battlefield on PC and glad to have found ADK and some cool people to play with.   At the same time it's really hard to leave the console players behind. There are some great people that I've been gaming with for years and years. Am I doomed to have to buy the games DICE puts out twice? Anyone else have similar woes? I mean money isn't really so much the issue. It's more the time. I have a huge back log of games on both PS4 and PC that I gave up trying to keep up with long ago. 
  13. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    Just moved in to this new apartment and we are in the process of building a stuidio... Sorry for the mess. 
  14. A Cinematic -Black&White- Montage

    This sort of reminded me of one of my first montages. I used an oooooold song from some rodney mullen skate video. Messed around with some filters in Final Cut X and stroked my ego a bit. It was super fun.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKBr7K9_Jv4
  15. Is it worth it? Premium

    It really depends on how many map packs you already own. If you plan on buying all the expansions then premium is definitely the way to go. I personally think 50$ is too steep for DLC but I think it's now 30$.

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