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  1. EXP Modifier on Server

    Thanks it is just rough for the first few levels however when you get more weight it is not as big of an issue.
  2. EXP Modifier on Server

    How come everything is ridiculously high rates but it is still 1x exp? i am leveling slower because i have to stop to keep throwing out all the useless stuff from farming. I understand that when you get max level it will not matter but it is just a QoL that i think should be thought about. I just started playing on your server because i would like to play with people in the community.
  3. Does anyone play Path of Exile?

    https://www.pathofexile.com/   here is a link to the game just so if anyone is interested. It is an ARPG like diablo but has more customization. I am mainly looking for people that are playing the end game maps in the new league.
  4. I am currently playing path of exile and was wondering if anyone in the community plays this game?
  5. ARK Easter Event: Please Read

    you usually have to look servers up in the steam server list. it is under View - Servers in the top left corner of your steam program.
  6. Servers

    awesome i will do. i just told my friends about this server so we might join soon.
  7. Servers

    oh okay. i might join on the pve. currently me and my friends are playing on a private server just the 3 of us. it would be nice to have others to trade with and interact with.
  8. Servers

    I am just starting to play Ark again and i am thinking about joining your server again however all i see is pve and i was wondering if we still have a pvp server and if so could you list the servers.
  9. I need something new

    Shiki is a good anime i hardly hear anyone talk about. It is a horror anime that is pretty dark.     
  10. PvE

    Thanks that explains it pretty well.
  11. Hey everyone im looking for a new anime to watch

    @[member='Reiken'] I have seen all of those except Assassination Classroom and they are all great anime.
  12. PvE

    @[member='Diettinger'] Okay I was thinking it was mostly pvp. Is there factions in the game that the npcs belong to or is it just a free for all and npcs just attack you on sight.
  13. PvE

    Is there any PvE or is it all PvP? I was thinking of buying this game however I heard it was a game with a lot of downtime and i mean that there is long periods you just don't do anything. Just wanted a persons opinion on it that has played it.
  14. Hey everyone im looking for a new anime to watch

    @[member='Space'] yeah have been up all night watching it and i am at episode 12. It is really good so far.
  15. Funniest afk reasons

    Lol this has to be the best on i have read. i dont even know why it makes me laugh it just does.

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