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  1. Windows 10 Updates!!!!

    @[member='Bromance']   I'm very excited for Windows 10. I've already resevered my copy, too lol. DirectX 12 is what i'm frothing at the mouth over though. As I'm progressing in my computer science degree I see the wicked potential for it for us gamers, and I want to code for it.... sorry, I'll just end my geek-gasm there lol
  2. Anybody in the Asheville, NC to Knoxville, TN area wanna meet up and chill and/or go grab a drink? Send me a shout :)
  3. GTX 980 TI

    I have 2x GTX 580 hydrocopper cards. They're enough to play SWTOR on ultra comfortably, but I still want 4 Titan X's :)
  4. Member Picture Thread

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1852]   it's a pc case..... I'm speechless....
  5. Mahnu's things

    a few of pics of me and random things
  6. GTX 980 TI

    @Revanant   No, there's no way to re-enable the cores. Also, as I understand it, there's not really a game out there yet that would overload the 6GB on that card even at 1440p resolution.
  7. gonna build a new gaming rig

    That's a beautiful sight indeed.
  8. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    It looks like I want 4 of them, that's what it looks like :)
  9. GTX 980 TI

    980 Ti is the same chip as a TitanX with 2 cores disabled and only 6BG of memory. Anatech says there's only a 3-4% performacne hit coming from a Titan X which is crazy considering it costs quite a bit less (predicted launch MSRP of around $650US i think i read) It makes me feel all fuzzy inside, i'm just saying....   http://www.anandtech.com/show/9306/the-nvidia-geforce-gtx-980-ti-review
  10. CPU i7 CORE

    I'm still sporting an old i7 3960X all water cooled overclocked to 4.6GHz. It still holds its own, but it's showing it's age on newer games. I'm going to have to break the piggy bank and upgrade soon... I want an 5960X ;) and 4 way Titan X rig, but that ain't happening anytime soon. I'd have to rewire my house to power it and use it as a heater in the winter lol
  11. An Introduction to Star Citizen

    I just got a huge gamer-geek boner. I must have this game.... I will sell one of my kidneys and half a liver to finance a new PC if necessary.....
  12. ADK Refined - 2015 Website Update

    The website is fantastic! When I first joined the guild on SWTOR and was told to fill out an application for ADK on here it was one of the reasons I went ahead with the app lol. Very impressive work.
  13. Free to Play

    Definately get people back into it I think. I haven't played much since it was released and I'll definately be firing it up again soon. Do ADK members favor a particular server?
  14. I always loved the graphics and schtick in Wildstar. Maybe I should give it another go now that it's free.
  15. Member Picture Thread

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1846]     I'm the one rocking the beard :)

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