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    St.Louis, MO
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    Firearms, firefighting, my truck, bacon!

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  1. Finally Promoted! Easter Egg Finished!

    I'll be so glad to start playing BF4 again. I really missed it a lot.
  2. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    Had to reapply. For some reason I was never in the main Platoon in all the time I've been here. :ph34r:
  3. ADK #6 Lockers are back.. Wohooooooo!!

    Anyone want to help populate Server 6?
  4. Powerball Anyone?

    I'm fighting my wife from buying some lol.
  5. ADK Meetup - Midwest(ish) Late Spring 2016

    I'm down from St. Louis...
  6. any members play bf3 still? like ANY?

    I won't lie. I miss playing Metro no explosives in BF3. It was always a good time.
  7. What's your occupation?

    I am a firefighter/EMT working on getting instructor 1 and officer 1 and former Army.
  8. Dick Pedestrians

    I drive a firetruck and trust me when I say. People do not stop walking across when we have lights and sirens going nore do they yield. Most people see us as in THEIR way and hold them up.
  9. Morning All

    Welcome to ADK. Hope you enjoy the servers and folks ehre :)
  10. Possible New Years 24 hours of gaming?

    I'm married so I have plenty of free time lol..... I'll play!
  11. Any Missouri/ St.Louis ADK

    Wanting too see if anyone is from Missouri and in or near St.Louis that maybe would like too get together!
  12. Battlefield 4 Beta Issues

    Well, with out your insightful helpful comment. I would of been lost. I am intitled too my opinion. Right now, I see no reason to buy the game. They've given me no insentive.
  13. Battlefield 4 performance issues and Lag support

    I must be the only one here not able to even play the game. Guess back to BF3 for me.
  14. Battlefield 4 Beta Issues

    They wasted alot of peoples time IMHO
  15. Battlefield 4 Beta Issues

    Wish I could play. I never make it past loading. It freezes and crashes every time.

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