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  1. Greetings and well met!

    I totally didn't notice your app. :P Tygger is a very nice guy and has been streaming Wildstar for quite a while. He'll be a great addition into the Guild, and I'm sure he'll fit in well.   In the mean time, buddy, be sure to hop on the Teamspeak when you can so you can rack up those required Teamspeak hours. Also, don't forget to post on the forums!   Good luck, mate!
  2. Credits to laserloui from Reddit for posting their log of images they've worked on.    https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7LMZA57Ot1AfktkY204TDJCTUdiRnpXRmNjRmhCZE5Zb2oyenVfZFNCSktjMXBHTTNVQ0E&usp=sharing   This list of images includes 73 Wildstar stock images that they've edited in Photoshop to be used wherever. They are very well done, and most if not all have no backgroumd, so they could be used in things like Avatars, Signatures and more.   I think we could make use of some of these for Wildstar division, such as for guild signatures, avatars and maybe even artwork for our ADK streamers!   What do you think? They look pretty sweet to me! :)   PS: The OP is also photoshopping screenshots/artwork for people at request, so feel free to visit their thread and get some more artwork made.   http://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/39d73b/photoshopped_wildstar_images_a_little_gift_from/
  3. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    That Pascal framework looks insane. It seems like the graphics cards in 2016 and up will be a huge improvement over the predecessors just with having access to the 2nd generation memory platform.   EDIT: Sorry for double post. Any mod mind merging? >.< Thanks.
  4. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    About 2 days until I buy my 980 ti. There aren't THAT many in stock right now because it still is early into release. I'm sure a number of 'rich nerd fanboys' have bought up a ton of the ones in stock. This seems to be the kind of card that the rich nerds go running after. >.<   Anywho.. I have to spend like $20 extra to get the card I want that is actually in stock and not just a 1-2+ month pre-order. Whatever, though.. Early birthday gift for me. ^^
  5. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    Haha.. Nice to see that the thread did indeed get changed into yet another 980 Ti thread. xD    PS: Yes, 980 ti is $650 default and slightly more for some extra perks like 2 fans, backplate, etc - and those extras are definitely worth it.   I'll be buying mine in a few days most likely.
  6. I got a code for a free McAfee Plus subscription (protects 1 PC) for Windows 8 when I bought my computer a couple months ago. I bought a different Antivirus program, so I have no need for the McAfee.   If anyone wants it and has Windows 8, here is the code.   8HJSH-5SE2C-2782H-U8D92-A2BFA   I don't have a link to McAfee, but the Plus membership is above the free model. I'm not sure how long of a membership the code gives, but you must activate the code within 15 days of getting the McAfee program.   Enjoy!
  7. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    It's in stock? Hmpf.. I'm thinking of buying it really soon - early of course. Last I checked, it wasn't in stock. If they don't charge a tax, then it is definitely worth it.   EDIT: Currently not showing as available, but I can't buy it yet anyways. I should save up a bit more, but I may buy it then go straight towards working on selling my old gfx card, and by rent time I should be fine haha. I prefer getting the big purchases out of the way before they start to weigh me down on other expenses since I'll only be thinking about it. :P   PS: Way to go! We're changing this thread into a 980 Ti Fan's Club thread. xD
  8. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    Yup. Although, I'll likely buy it off a site like Amazon, since I have Amazon Prime membership. A lot of sites have the 980 ti in stock, but it's still early that most are limited in stock and waiting for weekly flow in of new GPUs. That being said, by the time I do end up buying it, it'll likely be in stock. ^^
  9. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    ASUS has good ones, but I usually choose EVGA. I'm going to get the EVGA 980 Ti Superclocked (or Superclocked +) with ACX 2.0 Fan (dual fan). It's about 20-30 dollars extra, but definitely worth it.
  10. GTX 980 Ti GPU

    Exactly. The GTX 980 Ti has been confirmed to be like .05% or less different in performance than the Titan X and costs nearly half the price! It is definitely worth a buy (980 Ti) and on top of all of that sometimes even outperforms the Titan X. Lastly, when you compare power usage, the 980 Ti uses MUCH less than the Titan X. So there you have it. It seems like the new 980 Ti completely trumps all of the other cards out there, and it's priced at such a nice and semi affordable rate.
  11. Rubber Cats and 8 hour pudding

    Welcome to the family! Sounds like you'll fit in just fine. :)
  12. GTX 980 TI

    Tri core? That's pretty creepy.. It almost reminds me of weird British 3-wheeled cars. They always fell over.  :lol:
  13. GTX 980 TI

    It's nice to see confirmation that 980 TI will indeed be $650 and not the $799 that had previously been mentioned. I'll likely buy one within a year or so, maybe earlier if I have the money and am truly tempted. haha
  14. E Vader: a drowned nerd.

    Welcome to the guild, man! I've had a nice time chatting with you already in the Wildstar channel. I noticed you played Chronicles of Spellborn in the past. That game was awesome! I wish they could have kept it alive and improved it. It could've been very successful.
  15. Free to Play

    Yeah. We're in the Exile faction on Entity (PvE). You're always welcome to join us. We have a lot of people coming back to the game because of the recent F2P announcement, so now is a great time to come back, especially if you want the bonuses for subbing before June 15 until f2p launches.   If you do want to come back, I suggest you buy a physical game box. You'll get 30 days game time and a mystery RNG box that contain 1 of 3 items that you can then sell on the Auction House for a large amount of plat which you can then use to buy 1-2-3+ months of sub time free (CREDD), so it's really worth it. If you do sub and stay subbed from now until the F2P launch, you'll get an extra 4 months of Signature (Elite) status free of charge once f2p comes.

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