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  1. I was wondering if there were any fellow software engineers out there. If so it would be great to meet you! I'd like to see if we could share some knowledge and projects. 
  2. want to learn Unreal Engine?

    I like how they did this. They succeed when you do. A very good and innovative approach to licensing.
  3. Windows 10 Updates!!!!

    After using the preview for this I must say i feel like the game performance is down.. i'm hoping that's just because its the preview build. I'm also noticing some windows8 runtime fillers as well so i just think think they haven't really got the build ready for gaming yet. I expect this OS to be amazing.
  4. Sharknado - Live it, love it, marry it

    I refuse to watch any movie with the title Sharknado lol it's a matter of principles haha
  5. Favorite soda/pop?

    I'm a Mtn Dew addict. I will be barred with one. 
  6. Patchnotes 1.3.5

    I'll take a look around for it. I think if we can keep up with what major bugs there are then we might be better equipped to help new members and/or ED players that are having frustrations with the game. This will help us with member retention. 

    Congradulations... soon you will find yourself in a vulture and not getting picked on anymore. That was my big gamechanger.
  8. Patchnotes 1.3.5

    Thanks for posting Diettinger. Would you know where to find a bug log of some kind?
  9. My first ship/Package

    What's the progress on the full version coming out?
  10. Anyone using an Oculus Rift?

    Looks like the rift will start to pick up some here shortly... http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/11/technology/oculus-rift/index.html
  11. I'm not too excited about the xbox version either. I don't think they should be moving the game to other platforms before they've even finished the first one.
  12. Postcards from deep space

    WOW! This is such a truly awesome post. Exactly the sort of this we all need to do. Elite and space sim games are what we the players make of it. My hat off to you for adding to this community and game in such a great way. Cheers!
  13. Vote Of No Confidence

    Lol i get tired of politics in real life so I don't think i'll be a frequent viewer of galnet lol. Maybe if there were mor explosions and gunfire... and beer
  14. New Size comparisons!

    I want to fly the corvette so bad. I wish it was released with this past update... I wonder if we will ever get to fly the faragot? Maybe if we can ever have more than one person fly a ship with us the capital ships won't seem like such a bad idea to include. Of course the space stations are going to have get bigger.. which means planet side landing would be more of a priority.... yes the rabbit hole is infinite haha 
  15. [attachment=5679:Corn.PNG]   Hey Guys and Gals!   I Just wanted to let any of you out there who didn't know that the DISO System in Elite Dangerous is still selling the monopoly Corn! This is a rare trading item and has the potential to earn you lots of credits! I currently have a Type 6 ship running from the Shefinal port in the DISO sector to WOLF 865. This route is about 9 Jumps for me round trip and yields a profit of around 760 K. If you're just starting out this is a great way to go! If you see me in TS today and want to run a convoy or need help getting started just give me a shout.   - CMDR Zefram Invented Warp Drive (no big deal.....) ;)

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