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    Gaming, Mecha, Gunpla/gundam

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    (us account) Zer0megaXX (japanese account) elemental726

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    Biostar TA990fxe
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    AMD FX-6100 @ 4ghz
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    Coolermaster Silent pro-m 620 watt
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    8gb ddr3 @ 1600 mhz (2 2gb ripjaws 2 2gb cosair vengence)
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    3 HDDs all cavair blue western digital
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    CoolerMaster HAF 932 advanced blue edition
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    mostly logitech

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  1. Normally wouldn't post something like this with it being on Reddit but i feel like i had to. http://plays.tv/video/56c282a316b858ece8
  2. http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=dcbf6b86b4b0c7d1c21b73b1e&id=1198513b7d&e=097088ccba   so just a matter of time now..
  3. Well this happened as the result of me taking on two anaconda pirates in a FAS....never again...though I did kill them both but was left like this. Shields came up before I took the picture, I was down without any when I finished. (sorry if image is too big native res on desktop)
  4. Anyone watch Mecha type anime?

    Couldn't get into it I forced myself to watch half of the series and just didn't enjoy it.
  5. Elite Dangerous For Xbox

    Mind updating with how it preforms since a friend of mine might be getting the Xbox one version? Isn't it also like 30 dollars?
  6. Anyone watch Mecha type anime?

    Same here - seed destiny, Tried code geass, evangelion cant get into those, if your into super robot type stuff you try GaoGaiGar?
  7. Mission sharing

    Mission sharing would be nice for target hunting...
  8. Anyone watch Mecha type anime?

    Just curious as to how many others watch this, Im refering to anime such as Mobile Suit Gundam, or stuff like Tengen Topa Gurren Lagan, or ZOIDS.
  9. Mouse and keyboard is good after you reconfigure the roll of the y axis to yaw and turn on relative x and y axis, it helps.
  10. Hello everyone

    Hard part is theres no grouping system yet for Fractured Space but voice coms help fix that.
  11. Hello everyone

    Um Warthunder, (sometimes if i feel like it an older mmo Mabinogi), Warframe, World of Tanks, GTA V( I have both pc and ps3 versions), Payday 1,2 ,  Fractured space, Starbound, and a few other games pc wise, but for my PS3 i have Several imported gundam games but i doubt many people here have those.
  12. Hello everyone

    Sorry if this seem a bit overly blunt, but my name is Crimson, I also go by the name Zer0megaXX, my hobbies include Mecha (mostly gundam), Gaming on both console and PC, and some of my intrests are in space and, science fiction.

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