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  1. Ts3 CSGO

    I am starting a team for CSGO for league and possible lan play. I was wondering if it would be OKAY to use your communities forum and TS for practice and such until we invest the money in our own.
  2. griffin

    will do, and just curious is this an 18+ community so we don't have to worry about language and content?
  3. griffin

    I'm going to make this short, I'm 19 years old and have been playing FPS games since the age of 3 . I love 4 things in this world, weed, women, booze, and gaming.   Not trying to blow smoke up my own ass but I would say I am not half bad at any game I play from FPS to RTS, main tanked in WoW mythic guild with realm firsts as well last team captain in CODUO lans comps.   I switched over to CS series now and would like to have a group or team to play with competitively.

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