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  1. Is it work getting into now

    i just noticed how badly i typoed my first post... work/working = worth BTW ( i swear sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own )

    yeah i've been somewhat into occulty things for a few years now 
  3. Is it work getting into now

    yeah i under stand the value on buying it now but is it worth playing now as i'm already playing ED

    nice i've been thinking of getting a dragon on the right shoulder with the tail warped around my arm not sure on the type on dragon yet, iv'e always  liked dragons since i was a child i had a mystic tell me i had the soul of a dragon once 
  5. Question is in the title I haven't played LoL in about a year and a half now and dont know much about the new champ so i figured i would take a little survey and see what everyone is playing 
  6. Is it work getting into now

    Hi, I was wondering i'm currectly playing Elite: Dangerous and haven't really looking into SC much  i was wondering is it working buying access now or should i just wait until release  or later in the beta ect?
  7. My Introduction

    Thank you all for the warm welcome i have enjoyed my time with ADK immensely already i'm looking forward to playing with you guys for a long time to come 
  8. as long as my team does not try to surrender i will keep playing i know a few time we still managed to pull out a win
  9. :: ROLL CALL ::

    I'm not a member yet but we are working on that i came to ADK because of Elite: Dangerous i am not a backer though
  10. Had elite dangerous, just got back to ADK

    I'm new to ADK but i also have been playing elite: Dangerous,   Welcome i hope to see you in TS
  11. Twister

    I enjoyed it a lot i haven't seen it in years though
  12. avenged sevenfold?

    I don't even care that this post is old i'm a big fan of A7F i have yet to see them live but i want to
  13. Oh for sure i have 250+ games on steam alone lot alone other game from GoG and such and i have only touched maybe 30+ of the games i own
  14. the silmarillion

    I have to agree with phreaktaco the Drizzt series is one of my favorite series, May i also recommend the  wheel of time  series by Robert Jordan if you haven't read it already

    I don't have any  tattoos yet ( i'm 29)  i have been thinking of getting one fore yet just don't have the funds and i'm not sure what i want to get. I see it as a ultimate form of art 

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