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  1. Arnold T-shirts

    I'm Not worried about it. However, If I were to produce more than 20 it would be a different story.
  2. Arnold T-shirts

    Hey, My name is Will and I own/operate a design company and apparel printing company, and from time to time I do shirts and stuff like that for buddies; I made the Adk Decals that Aob might have mentioned. Well, I am doing a run of arnold Schwarzenegger shirts in the next week or so, thought I'd come here and see if you guys were interested, Shirt is going to be Gildan 6.1oz 2000 series cotton tee. (they run big). $15.00 each, or 2/20 including shipping. Me and a few buddies are arnold fanatics, so we had to do this, here is the youtube video that references that the shirt references: here is a sample of the artwork http://www.darktide.biz for ordering through Google Checkout. I can also add custom phrases names nicknames etc, anywhere on the garment for a couple bucks more. If you have any questions / comments, please leave them here, or call me at 763-229-1088, steam msg me at atari6900 (chaos, the original), or email me at will@americanlettering.com PS I plan on making a adk design in a few minutes, just need aob to resend the official logo. Thanks for consideration. some of the last stuff I did for a CS:S Server sample artwork
  3. Quitting Smoking

    Hey dude, Hope you get through this. One thing to consider; If you're this crazy now, just think of before you were smoking, how much that nicotine makes you rage when you dont have access to it. Pretty crazy huh, like a literal parasite sucking the life out of you and always wanting more more more. Fyi, if you need help getting ahold of tv shows/movies/etc, let me know, I have a pretty good idea of how to do it semi-legitimately. I'm sitting on around 2.4 tb of movies , 600gigs of tv shows, 60 gigs of music, and 2 tb of apps on my home pc atm. Usually, I can get an episode of V/Chuck/No Ordinary/Sanctuary etc etc etc about 5 min after they finish airing on tv. Sure as hell beats sitting through 20 minutes of commercials to watch 40 minutes of a tv show. You can add me on steam if you like, Atari6900 should add me to your listy. I go as Chaos, The Original
  4. How's it going

    REEALLLY, me and a couple buddies might have to show you guys how the game goes. Recently I've been working on my anti armor capabilities with at4. Destorying transport choppers at 500 yards + with one is so satisflying, especially when those punks dont jump out. Add me to friends in bfbc2, Name Chaotic_enigma, same with char name.
  5. How's it going

    Yea, been busy with work, no time for tf2 with bfbc2 Vietnam, and cataclysm. Just got a new Plotter too, 50" wide ftw.
  6. How's it going

    Just thought I would drop in and say hi.

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