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    HAHAHAHAHAA this is historic..... Welcome to ADK 
  2. That momemt in TS..

  3. Turtles

    This guy has helped Aftermath in clutch situations.  Can't wait for him to be a regular in ADK.  Welcome Brotha. 
  4. Hey, It's TSQRD

    Welcome to ADK bro.  A friend of Vetis is a friend of ours.  If you have any questions ask away brother.  Can't wait for you to represent us in the higher divisions next season. 
  5. HELLO

    Welcome to ADK!  If you ever have questions with CSGO and you want to get better find me in Teamspeak and we'll be good to go. 
  6. I'm just here so I won't get fined

    Welcome to the community! So what games do you play? :)
  8. For the very few people that knew me on ADK...

    Hey @[member='Pte.Thorium'],   We've been getting new blood in ADK that are higher level.  I am filling out an application actually to start streaming, meaning I am going to be competitive again and you know I'm a global.  You are more than welcome to start playing with me.  I can play with you on any of my smurfs.    There are plenty of people that are LE, I mean I can play with you on my Global but I'd be afraid to lose it JK .... I'd get Global back very quickly. lol Also, if you want me to start working with you to get out of LE and to LEM, I'll show you how to play against that skill level.  I go into that skill level and drop 40 bombs.      Assault, Brucey, Nameless, Hacky ETC myself.     Also, Rainbow 6 Siege is a sick game.  I've actually been debating on getting it.  You think it's worth?  Definitely want to talk to you about the game since you are a genuinely cool guy.  
  9. What makes you smile?

    why am I on that list .. damn 
  10. hello community

    Come into teamspeak brotha so we can make you an applicant.    ts.adkgamers.com   Look for Nameless, Medic, Magz, or Mexi 
  11. To a promising future.

    Welcome to the community brotha.  
  12. Veteran Admin Promotion - 9/13/15

    I appreciate it everyone. Thank you ! 
  13. UnChArTeD MaYhEm

    Funniest talk I've had in a while in teamspeak with new Applicants. You're gonna be a great addition to ADK brotha. 
  14. Introduction jAp csgo team #1

    My recruit !! Awesome guy and he's on our team 1. Level headed guy, fun to play csgo with... Welcome to ADK brotha. 
  15. Tinychat in Alec's Traphouse!

    Blaze made me some Enchiladas and That's why I was about the up chuck. 

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