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  1. Your 5 PERFECT anime

    1 - Cowboy BeBop 2 - Neon Genesis Evangelion 3. Attack on Titan 4. - FLCL 5. - Code GEASS   ...that's a rough on the fly... there's a lot of goodins out there
  2. Watch out for Origin account hackers

    Really the only way to full proof it is to created an encrypted email to use as your recovery, and only use it for said game account, followed by not using any of your real personal information, as most of it is public record, which makes your typical security answers fairly easy to data mine.   Complete, randomness.
  3. Well, I just wrote a book of an intro... annnnnnd the work PC decides to auto-refresh. So let's see if we can pick this up...   I'm a life long gamer, the kind that will be a geriatric shouting obscenities at the screen while I boot stomp the grand kids at their favorite competitive game.   I love music, mostly into rock and EDM. Rush, Falling in Reverse, Porter Robinson, just to name drop a bit.   I tend to enjoy most genres of game, mostly strategy, rpg, and team shooters. Mass Effect, classic Final Fantasy, pretty much any Firaxis/Sid Meier title.   Currently play WoW (i just can't get away from it... I've really tried...), BF4, Darkest Dungeon on occasion, and dabble in misc. titles in my downtime or when i need a break from the grind.   I'm all casual and all fun, but when it comes time to compete, I am never more serious.   Also have a general philosophy in gaming... A squad of sub-pars that talk is much more dangerous than a platoon of mute rambos.   I was raised to be respectful, honor elders, and avoid conflict. I was also raised to defend under pain of death friend, family, and country.   Hopefully starting this evening I'll start seeing some of you regularly, between my WoW hopping and BF4 sprees.   Beyond that I'm an open book guys, I don't hesitate on questions and criticism.   Also, fried SPAM... i'm just gonna leave this here...

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