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    Mostly Razor stuff

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  1. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    im excited for this game, i cant wait
  2. hey guys its CorruptedMind

    @[member='CorruptedMind'] hey welcome to ADK   another good guy from canada, nice :)   What games do you play?
  3. Moxxi here, hello!

    @[member='Moxxi'] Welcome to ADK   H1Z1 looks fun, but i have never played it before, maybe i will join the teamspeak room one day and give it a try.
  4. Hey Everyone! :)

    @[member='Lady'] welcome to ADK   Have you been on our teamspeak yet? thats where all of us hide :)
  5. Bout time for an intro post

    @[member='Talliin'] welcome to the forums   Since you have been playing with us for that long, i cant say my normal greating lol
  6. hey!

    hey @[member='PoliceCooley'] welcome to ADK   How is china, I would like to go their one day.
  7. Hello im plötskonov

    hey @[member='deviousdingo'] welcome to ADK   You should join us on Teamspeak, thats where the magic happens
  8. Hi im TommyGun

    hey @[member='TommyGun'] welcome to ADK   What games do you play? Also have you checked out our teamspeak server yet, thats where all the magic happens
  9. DemonAngel was here!

    I will be on most of today, in the csgo channels or in ark channels lol or battlefield or elite dangerous, hmm i guess i could be anywhere hmm
  10. I'm in this B#$%^

    welcome @[member='z3n'] to ADK   If you dont know what game you fall into just join teamspeak and start talking to people you will get pulled into a game.
  11. Hello

    hey @[member='PS7_'] welcome to ADK   Make sure to join us on teamspeak :)
  12. I am new so be gentle with my body

    Welcome @[member='SageSennin'] to ADK   What games do you play? have you joined us on teamspeak yet?
  13. DemonAngel was here!

    Welcome @[member='DemonAngel'] to ADK   what games do you play? and have you joined us on teamspeak??
  14. Veedubbin here

    hey @[member='VEEDUBBIN'] welcome to ADK   what games do you play?
  15. Pls tell me this is fake

    this is to much for me. I think im going to be like the guy in the video and walk away.

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