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  1. Hey folks!

    Welcome to ADK @Polo!
  2. Hello

    Hi @Alukaii welcome to ADK. Hope to see you around!
  3. PAX East - Pre- Alpha Gameplay
  4. Introduction

    Hi @StringBean welcome to ADK!
  5. Dad Jokes

    Why does Waldo were a striped shirt? Because he doesn't want to be spotted.
  6. Alpha 17 is getting closer, how relative that term is I cannot say, but from what Joel is showing, there are yet more massive improvements. Better debuff's like broken arms, far more POI content, better dungeons, the terrain changes are quite nice, but lots of work to do on balancing, with weapons, damage, and LOD. BUT it's shaping up pretty well!
  7. Nothing much to note currently, they released a new video recently of their PAX East booth/event. Re-iterating their goals, and focus, I'm still stoked for the game, I look forward to the player involvement in the active game they're pushing for. Biggest takeaway is they plan to release Alpha 1 early Q4. http://www.AshesofCreation.com http://www.Discord.gg/AshesofCreation
  8. Hello people

    Nice to meet you Moon, hope to see you around!
  9. How much is too much?

    I love the monotone response
  10. Many thanks!

    It's probably not stated enough, it should be. To those of you that take the mantle and shackles of leadership, thank you for your time and effort to make and shape this community into what it is. @AOBLXIX, @VinasSol, @CaGregorio, @Dowin, @F34RL3SS, @LaithSJ, @LtNoobslayer, @Naru, @Seagull, @SLIMJIM, @NarwhalNightmare, @Chasaroonie, @ginag787, @Hellraiser, @Soap91, @Feisty, @Nightcore_Gamer, @Kody, @Markivo, @DeaDxPooL90, @Huskay, @BrassyIA, @Jaden, @SGCrazyman, @Cuddles the Bear, @Gunnar, @MisterGrimm, @Quran, @TitanCMD, @shadowst3p9 Thank you for your time and efforts! Talking, playing and working with you all is a pleasure, here's to many more games, laughs and whatever else comes with it.
  11. Tracking your breeding in ARK

    As to Rex's, what would be considered high health and melee values?
  12. Boss Battles

    Thank you both! @Zeus13611 and I are pretty close to 100, mid to upper 80s. We have a group of Rex's we're focusing on no muties so far, I'll get our Rex's base stats in a spreadsheet their origin is a set of twin 295's. We've not touched their lvl ups for now so we could maintain a base to work from. Pretty sure our first two aren't imprinted either so they should be 100% flat. We've got a good stock of females, and are focusing through a single male currently. We usually end up with around 6 to 8 eggs a day, so I'm probably just impatient and eager to see change... Is this the guide you mentioned @Feisty? We're going off of this guide for breeding and mutation, seems acceptable, and similar to many of the other breeding guides I've watched, a little more in depth, but if you have anything else we should consider it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. How much is too much?

    Thanks @Feisty, I get it, managing a shared website/email hosting server is much the same, only difference is we get to charge ppl extra money when they get too big. I'll try to make sure @Zeus13611 and I don't get too out of hand.
  14. MC Voting

    Thanks @BrassyIA hope you had a great vacation!
  15. Boss Battles

    I've done a little bit of research aka google searches and I need to do more, but I have some questions more specific to our environment. A) Can multiple tribes group together to take down a boss? B) Are there large server wide boss fight events? If yes: 1) Is there a schedule? 2) What are the "minimum" requirements to participate if yes? As to the "requirements" I hear "rex only" but then I read posts (albeit, 2016 post...) that say use Dire Bears and rockets for Broodmother, they also claim Allos are a must because of their bleed attack, and a swarm of Dimorphodons are good because their meaty... I'd also like to hear what you guys found for best strategies for the different bosses, not sure how far off we are from ready, so having a benchmark to shoot for would be great. I'm hoping to have a better understanding before I get lost in quagmire of BS...

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