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  1. League of Legends Active Members List

    I play mostly h1 and league, but i don't know any ADK league players and no1 is ever in TS when im on. But if you wanna play, my in game name is OmegaGrim 
  2. Pennsylvania

    Im chilling in the Poconos, East Stoudsburg. Im down to chill if you in the area.
  3. Hiya

    @[member='THESTRAW'] welcome to ADK, I play mostly H1z1 but if your in game and need help lmk.
  4. Xion' application

    @[member='xion'] welcome to ADK. Its a pretty friendly group and very helpful. I also am into nutrition from my years as a chef. 
  5. Hello :D

    Hey @[member='Daxter54'] welcome to ADK, I look forward to future loot runs and base building with ya bro.
  6. @[member='DrDoom'] welcome to ADK. I think you'll like it here. Also with the streaming, i'm sure some 1 told you about streaming at base. I would be more than happy to join the stream.
  7. Hi, Im a Van

    Welcome ImaVan!! nice to see you applied. Im sure you'll like being in ADK, very friendly helping community. Not demanding as far as requirements, which is nice. 
  8. Let me introduce myself...   My name is Dave, better known as OmegaGrim, and i'am an indie game developer and digital artist for my own small company BLUE MONSTER STUDIOS. I currently live in the woods of Pennsylvania but i was born in the dirty jerz. I was a former member of EDGE GAMERS ORGANIZATION , I recently started my own small gaming guild BLUE MONSTER SQUAD which is just my game dev buddys and rl friends, we all will be coming over to join ADK as a squad. Looking forward to meeting some cool people.          

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