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  • Birthday 06/04/1992

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    janine laurelwood
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    windows 8
  • Mobo
    asus sabertooth extreme
  • Processor
    AMD 8 core
  • Graphics
    GTX 980 superclock
  • PSU
    1300 watt raidmax rail
  • RAM
    32 gig quad channel 2300
  • Storage
    3 TB SSD
  • Audio
    razor tiamat 2.2
  • Monitor
    aoc 144hz rez 2366 x 1330
  • Case
    lian li lancool dragonmaster
  • Peripherals
    mouse:razer ouroboros speedpad: razer orbweaver keyboard:razer blackwidow non mechanical headset:razer tiamat 7.1 surround non digital

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  1. Hey, I am Tab :)

    hello welcome to adk i hope you have a great time in overwatch here
  2. Wazzup, Pepper Here !

    welcome to adk have a good time gaming with us
  3. Hey i'm Andrew

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  4. BSOD's Introduction

    glad to have you hope you have a great time here
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    welcome have a great time in the games you enjoy here the people are nice and easy to get to know
  6. This is my hello..

    welcome i hope you can find some people here you enjoy gaming with
  7. Mohnjorrow happy to join :)

    hope to see you around and enjoy your gaming here
  8. Spooky is back!!

    glad to have you back, hope to see you around and hope that pc lasts you a good long time
  9. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    welcome to adk hope to see you around
  10. Hello World

    welcome glad to have you
  11. BreakUrShell Here!

    hope to see you around glad to hve you in adk
  12. DJonas, Mod develeper.

    that's great
  13. EX CAL INVITE / Premiere PLAYER

    welcome to adk i hope you have a great time playing your games you enjoy here
  14. DJonas, Mod develeper.

    glad to have you , hope you enjoy your time here
  15. Introduction. Hi!

    glad to have you here i hope you have a great time with us

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