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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Zurith Is Here

    @Zurith Quack!
  2. Introducing myself

    some of us are here at the moment on teamspeak if you would like to join, you're more than welcome. We will be down in the h1z1 section. I think you should be able to move sections on your own but if not just message Bordock, belowzero or myself if you need help. hope to talk to you soon
  3. AK or AR15?

    Ar15. Have better control with it. Not saying AK47 is bad, its does have its good days like when i want to go full auto  :lol:   i need to work on using 1st person more often though..   @[member='Kaede']  Which do you prefer?
  4. You will see the Test Server update shortly with a big patch and bunch of changes.   This is a bit of a catch-all patch, in addition to the new features to you might want to validate your Steam Game Cache files in your Steam Library (if you haven't done it for a while). There are bound to be problems with some of the new features and buildings, so please chime in with anything that's .. unexpected.   New Stuff/Key Changes The Item Exchange The ATV first pass tuning - You have been warned - have fun - You will probably die - often Ghillie Suits will appear in airdrops that have hunting rifles in them Armor now works by blocking a portion of damage that would have been done. This absorbed damage is applied directly to the durability of the item. When the durability becomes 0 the item will break and be removed visually and from the equip slot. Motorcycle helmets offer protection for the head and face. They will block about 50% of gunfire damage to the head or face. They will break after a shot or two. Tactical helmets offer protection for the head only. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the head. They will break after a shot or two. Chest armor offers protection to the torso. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the torso. More shots to break the armor is required the better the chest armor is. From worst to best is Wood, Plated, and Kevlar. Hunting rifles are now in more of the Battle Royale airdrop crates. Adjusted basic movement code for zombies for better movement and avoidance of each other Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapon. The cone of fire for pellet shots has been slightly reduced. Shots do not travel as far as they used to, and will do no damage after about 15-20 meters. Some of the NPC movement enhancements: NPCs attack while moving Eliminated several “stuck states”, which would cause NPCs to become non-responsive. Perpetually stuck NPCs trigger their own deaths after 1-2 minutes (we expect some videos). Improved ground detection for the procedural spawner system. Deer / Zombies on rooftops should be more rare. Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account. Animations Reworked several shooting, running, and reloading animations. Adjusted melee to prevent character "lifting" when crouched Adjusted in one-handed actions for smoother transitions Updated the blended skeletons and animations for smoother transitions. Adjusted sound markup for better sync with actions. User Interface Icons in descriptions are larger and easier to see (and should have better contrast) Environment Impact FX will better match the material types of objects hit. Added a water-splash effect for characters when standing still in water. Other bits Fixed the 3rd person camera arm so it’s not blocked by arrows or spears Shred timers are adjusted (insta-shred should be fixed for all) Enabled door damage for guessing wrong password on PvE servers.
  5. More Update Pictures

    just a bunch of random pictures :D   [attachment=6820:trash.png] [attachment=6821:grave.png] [attachment=6822:grave2.png]   VVV   Excited for this Wildlife Ranger Outfit!! (Wildlife Ranger Skeeter lol)  VVV [attachment=6823:park ranger.png] [attachment=6824:Untitled.png]    
  6. Mirror's Edge 2 For Release Early 2016

    Excited for this to be release, loved the first one and played the campaign countless times hopefully EA/Dice don't mess it up
  7. Intro

    Hope to group up sometime in h1z1 and scavenge around! :D
  8. Hello Majestic Gamers

    Thanks Teamspeak/darkelf1! (didnt know which name lol no offense) :)   Damn, Glocks Galore! great guns! Benelli's are beautiful
  9. Hello Majestic Gamers

    Thanks Guru! 
  10. Hello Majestic Gamers

    Thanks guys for the welcome! @[member='Blaze'] & @PolisRanger
  11. Hello Majestic Gamers

    Thanks man! Yea it is always more exciting with extra people, but I'll let you know and we can squad up!
  12. Hello Majestic Gamers

    My name is LawlessLEMON also known as Mario.   I live in Houston,TX   I cook for a living and as of right now work in a pizza shop throwing dough.     In my spare time i play 95% PC, 5% PS4   after many countless hours back 7 years ago i played Counterstrike 1.6 in no life status making my first clan almost like ADK in general speaking but not as near in community size.   Mostly the games that have caught my eyes on right now are H1Z1, CS:GO, Verdun to name a few that i've played recently. interested in Project Cars next.   Some of my hobbies including working on my car (Grand Marquis), Playing games (hence why i'm here), as well as spending some quality time at the gun range (Springfield 1911 .45).   So far ive met some pretty cool people in this community and cant wait to meet more!

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