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  1. Okay now it'll have to be the Azir big mighty emperor
  2. I currently have the mustang omega and next week im going to be buying the Constellation Andromeda. Im gunna be like some type of rebel smuggler that does what ever he wants. Maybe with a bit of bounty hunter gameplay.
  3. How will you play SC?

    @[member='khemimbalance'] man, i miss the old days of swg pre-cu! what server did you play?
  4. Whos waiting for Overwatch?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUOBI1DpacQ gameplay trailer
  5. What are your thoughts on this new blizzard game they are making called overwatch its like a team fortress 2 meets a moba or something, looks very interesting.   If you havent seen it yet heres the trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqnKB22pOC0
  6. How many people play Dont starve? I have a server and a base almost fully built but my only problem is, ive been playing alone this whole time and i ended up dying when i was trying to farm hair for a rez statue. I think im at like 70 days and would like to get a group and go kill bosses and stuff.    My steam name is Jegalis
  7. How will you play SC?

    So with the so many ways to play SC for persistence how will you guys play it? I might end up being some type of smuggler and mercenary for higher or something, kinda something like firefly. My ship that I want sooo bad is the constellation. Cant wait for this game to come out! 
  8. Funniest afk reasons

    The only funny time I've had to go afk was when a group of jehovah's witnesses came knocking on my door asking me if there was one thing I could change in this world and what would it be?  My roommate ended up yelling out "Controlled genocide for human population!" I ended up busting out laughing and told them to have a wonderful day and i shut the door and ran back to my computer. 
  9. whats up guys

    @Sikosis999   Thanks man, great to hear it. Yeah I was thinking about getting elite dangerous but I ended up getting the R9 amd mustang spaceship when i bought my r9 280x asus. So i pretty much got the game for free which is awesome. Ive been following SC since the start up on kickstarter. Cant wait for that space sim
  10. This game is alive?

    Is BF3 still alive when BF4 and hardline is out? im jw cause i think the maps in BF3 are more tactical and better than 4. Anyone still play?
  11. whats up guys

    @[member='Sikosis999']   Atm im playing H1Z1 but I play BF4/3, Dayz, dont starve, L4D2, H&G, Red orchestra 2, and LoL. Currently dont have enough ram to run Star Citizen but thats probably going to be my main game when its released
  12. So much excitement!

    Im using the R9 280x asus version. Probably going to get another card just to run SC a bit better, I also need new ram in order to get a good steady fps. 
  13. whats up guys

    thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing you guys ingame.
  14. whats up guys

    what guys   Dont really know what to say other than im just chill and game a lot. End up meeting a member, helped him out and he told me to check you guys out.

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