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    Child Slavery

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    Logitech G15, Razer Naga Molten, Razer Carcharias
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  1. Do not fear Anon5 is here.

    Oh I'll get mine........
  2. Do not fear Anon5 is here.

    ALLLLLLL over it.
  3. Hey all!

  4. Hey all!

    Welcome! I see ring being all over this one.
  5. Subway Stripper Tryouts?

    the were off when i read the thread title.
  6. DasFriek needs to move, But where?

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1344565672' post='41098'] No need for concealed weapons permit in az [/quote] Same thing in Wyoming.
  7. Yo! Im here.

    Hey there I remember going kill for kill with you in a CQ game.
  8. necklace for ADK

    [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1343026820' post='38109'] ohhhhh that could get really expensive really fast. See when you do stuff like that in order for them to not get all scratched and shitty looking you actually need to get a solid piece of metal lazer etched or acid etched as opposed to printed/painted on. Then your looking at only one color in two different shades. So the best looking thing that I can think of would be something like 1 dogatag that is either black or silver in color (gold just would look funny) with the big stylized "A" on one side and then A Different Kind of Gaming Community on the otherside, otherwise your looking at literally double the price, and it just wont look as good, plus the added on fact of the small beaded chain rubbing against the face or back of the other piece of metal. Another option being to go super old school with it and getting the thin metal ones (like real military type ID tags) and put whatever you want on there. You could do something like: Name: Doe, John DOB: 14June1775 Blood: bla bla pos A Different Kind (or =ADK=) and then on another one see if they can laser inscribe or etch the stylized "A" in quantity. or combine the two ideas. One really nice thick looking tag that has the symbol on it and then another one with personal info. [/quote] I like this idea and would so purchase some if we ever get this idea into reality.
  9. Best exam ever!

    [quote name='M4xCarbine' timestamp='1342400530' post='37043'] The things i wish i would have done in school... shame.. [/quote] I was thinking the same thing.
  10. Hardest I've Laughed in a While

    kind of reminds me of a video i watched of a guy playing super meat boy and made me remember why i never touch games like that.
  11. [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1342161957' post='36760'] Cut the bullshit....seriously, all of you. When you get done reading this, if you even do read all of this, you will know if I'm talking to you or not. Now, a few short facts about PC gaming. 1) yes, we do have more hackers than console gaming, this is why we have live admins to moderate servers [i][u][b]2) No, not everyone who kills you is a hacker[/b][/u][/i] 3) yes, there is a such thing as amazing players that can completely change a servers flow 4) no, that does not make them a hacker 5) no, the gun that you continually get killed by...is not a noob gun. 6) if a lot of people use that gun, it's for a reason...you should pick one up too. 7) If you're tired of getting killed, dont cry hacks, get better instead. how can you get better you may ask? well....ask people who are better than you, play people that are better than you are. Don't cry hacks, or say something is OP when it clearly is not. Do not bitch and cry and qq to dev's saying this and that is bad because of this reason...when it isn't. Seriously, you ruin the game for everyone else. I'm seriously getting more and more tired of the new generation of PC gamers completely RUINING great titles by doing the above things. Once you get better and start dropping bombs in servers you'll see that the above is clearly true and that it is in fact ruining games. If you cant handle the facts above, please for the love of god sell your gaming rig, buy a console and invest your money into PSN or XBL....seriously. Your not really ever going to be instantly AMAZING at any game. Just like everything else, if your a noob at it, it's going to take some time for you to really get good at it. And, depending on how seriously you use your time, you have the power to make your own learning curve. A player that is better than you SHOULD be able to rape your soul in a game, a player that is better than you shouldnt have to counter bullshit mechanics that you people force dev's to introduce to a game just to shut your noob comments up. A player that is better than you shouldnt have to defend themselves because you cant tell the diff between a good player and a hacker. I seriously miss the days of Unreal tournament where if you were a noob you could only do one of two things, BHOP or get better. Eventually you learned to do both..and guess what??? You actually started killing people and alot of them...were the same people that raped you weeks or months ago. Grow up and realize that on the PC world things are different culture wise, and those that helped build it are really tired and in awe of what boob headed noobs are doing to what they built. One of the biggest things is YOUR name. If you hackusate you better have damn good proof otherwise to us you look like the boy who cried wolf, and no one will want to help you next time. ****sigh***end rant**** thanks for reading if you did. [/quote] #2 seems to happen the most out of all of them from what I have seen. I won't lie I have raged when I have been killed numerous times by the same person but it's just as easy to change tactics as it is to rage about it.
  12. Drinks of the adult variety

    i remember my uncle putting Coke in his rum for color and putting a bottle in the fridge so when i came in from outside i thought the bottle was a godsend and i chugged it. last time i ever did that.
  13. Buying my first car?

    These first car stories never get old. Mine was a 86' Ford F-150 and it was a project truck since then I have gone through a 03' Pontiac grand am, 93' Chevy Step side a 97' Chevy and I currently am driving a 08' Chevy Silverado. I guess you could say I'm a Chevy fan since all of my previous ones before I got the Chevy's were a huge money sink and the only reason I got rid of the older Chevy's was to trade up to my current.
  14. Drinks of the adult variety

    My beer of choice is Newcastle or Fat Tire since it's brewed really close to me. For hard stuff I enjoy some Crown Royal.

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