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  1. So i've been playing overwatch for a while, usually just with my wife, and I'm looking to add people to my friends list so I can play with more people. Reply with your BattleID or whatever so I can add you to my friends list
  2. Role Call

    My name is Kointoss ingame and ive been playing since it came out. Never knew we had a PokeGo forum. Nice to see you guys out there. If anyone is hunting around in the dfw, Texas area, hit me up
  3. Rekt by Riot Dash

    i wish i could show you the beginning though, we started out at 9-0 I stood in the bush and just kept grabbing them one by one and then, my wife (nami) would bubble them, then singed would toss them and the other two would kill them. It all started out okay...
  4. Dear Slim,

  5. Dear Slim,

  6. Dear Slim,

  7. Dear Slim,

  8. [Expired] Free Eagle Paintjob - Pax South 2016

    I interviewed the dev yesterday and hes gonna email me about 20-30 codes for this sometime this week.
  9. Can't you SEE. EYE know that the only one for me is Vel'Koz.
  10. What is your IGN?

  11. Generation Ships

    Never played the old game (mainly because i waasn't born yet), but this is part of the reason that i liked exploring. I wanted to see what was out there and if I could be the first to spot something really interesting

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