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  1. 1.5 BETA: Streaming, what do YOU want to see!?

    So an entry level trnasport ship with beter hardpoints. Dosen't sound that interesting.
  2. 1.5 BETA: Streaming, what do YOU want to see!?

    Very intersested in the ships and new weapons. Any idea what the Keelback looks like or what kind of ship it is?
  3. Federal Dropship MkII, Federal Gunship

    Very excited for both of these ships. The federal Dropship is my favorite ship in the game at the moment, and these ships look like they will be more combat oriented than the dropship
  4. Outfitting an FDL.

    What kind of weapons should I stick to for pvp Laser, kenetic, or a mix of both?
  5. Outfitting an FDL.

    Just recently got in the price range of a FDL and was looking to buy one. Wanted to get any tips from the more seasoned commanders on what the ships works best for, how I should I go about outfitting it, and how much money should I accumulate before buying one. Was planning on using it for bounty hunting and merit grinding in hostile systems. Have never formally setup a ship, just throw things I think would be good into the slots, want to get this one right, any help is much appreciated.
  6. :: ROLL CALL ::

    Active Elite dangerous player. (Not a hacker... I mean Backer)
  7. Not quite a Conda Club

    Pokelightian if you want, come on and meet up with me and Dirty Oxy Clean, We can bounty hunt with you and make some Credits. Made 2mil in an hour last night, we know all the good Resource extraction sites, so hit us up when we are on ts. Would be more than happy to help you make some cash.
  8. There is a new community goal in the Diso system. You can pick up the mission at Shifnal Port. Here is the description via screenshot.   http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/532892975337336746/EE4AB48F33BB6C3EAC6E92C67449DA26A1C04841/  
  9. For those new to Elite

    Yea for any new people out there just joining the ranks, hit up any member in ADK who plays Elite and they will assist you with any path you want to take, and if they do not know they will always direct you to someone who does. Always feel free to ask any questions. I also offer my assistance to any new players.
  10. Here is the place to post all of the pictures you take in Elite Dangerous. Post beautiful screens, funny moments, weird pilot names, and anything else worth taking a picture of in Elite Dangerous. Here are some to get the gallery started.   http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/532892171309124016/C3DECF4C0A0E463923BE5EBA2A2B95D6BA9FFF0F/   http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/532892171297379676/032BF7B03598A15B1D92E294690150C9FDF8CBC7/    
  11. <Ended> Community event (Quivira)

    If you want Nightdew you could set up a light combat ASP and then join myself and Dirty Oxy Clean and we could support you. Your always more than welcome to join us in game.
  12. <Ended> Community event (Quivira)

    Bounty hunting is a great way to make money and the Zaonce event requires you to do so. So while you are collecting bounties, you are also in competition to win a prize at the end. So its really a no brainer if you enjoy bounty hunting, and is a great source of money, with a guaranteed reward at the end. You can come join me and Dirty Oxy Clean on TS and we can work the event together if you would like.
  13. <Ended> Community event (Quivira)

    There is also another community event in Zaonce, a alliance system. The event is a bounty hunting event to take down a notorious local crime syndicate plaguing the local systems. This one is going fast so I would jump on its before its gone. Signup is at Ridly Scott in the Zaonce system.
  14. Photo OP

    Getting everyone together would be hard but we could all take separate pictures in the same place and put them together, or everyone could take there own picture and submit it. Or we could even take to separate group pictures and put the 2 together.
  15. Capital Ship.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that a buddy of mine recently found a combat zone with a capital ship. I know most of you Elite Dangerous veterans have already probably seen one, but for those newer commanders out there. The federation capital ship is located in a high intensity combat zone in the Bullpop system. Don't know how long it may be there though it was definitely worth the trip, its quite a sight in full combat.

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