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  1. Hey man, I got a mail on teamfind an hour ago or something like that, saying you had some league of legends players in this community. It would be cool if I could play with you guys sometime! :)      My name is Martin Jack, and yes, they are both my first name.. :) You can call me what ever you would like, Martin, Martin Jack, Jack, Dynick.. Whatever.. :D I just turned 18, 14 days ago.. Which I think is pretty cool... ^-^ I'm still living home with my mom, and aren't thinking about leaving soon.. xD My mom and dad aren't together, they split when i was about 4 years old I think it was.. I have had many different step-dads some cool ones, and less cool ones... My step-dad atm, is pretty nice, he can have some anger issuse, but only if he drinks.. Nothing serious tho.  I have been operated a couple of times, because of something in my neck disturbing my "voice lips?". Idk what it is called in english. ;P But it did so that i couldn't breath that well. And it keeps on growing back, after they removed it. Ofc over a period of time. I'll have the operation again when I'm about 21 years old.. My voice gets ****ed over in a whole month, where I can't really talk, after the operation.. :L My life atm is going to It-supporter school, playing computer till late in the night, and that is pretty much it.   I was hoping by joining this community, that I could play some League of Legends games with you guys.. Or maybe just chat :) And if any1 would like to duo q in ranked, or try me out for a ranked team, that would be cool too! (y) Goes for CS:GO and LoL
  2. Heyo, CptDynick at your service!

    Thanks everyone! :D Haha, MJ does sounds pretty cool ;D

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