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  1. Hello i am Theremustbewar

    Welcome! c ya around
  2. I don't live to far myself, i cant wait for this.
  3. I'm getting this game, most likely will roll melee dps/tank, u still have that coupon code?
  4. Rift review 1-25 Review

    I played the game at release then kinda got burnt out, but if it becomes free to play ill come back to it.
  5. Hey everyone

    Hey nice to meet you, C ya in game
  6. Whats Good

    Hey, nice to meet u bro. c ya in game
  7. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

    so its worth getting?
  8. =ADK= Recruitment Video | OFFICIAL

    wow... just wow thats awesome!
  9. [poll] Shirt Sizes

    i actually wear 3XL - 4XL no love for the bigger dudes =(
  10. Buying my first car?

    good luck, let us know which u end up getting.
  11. Hello everyone!

    hey whats up, good luck with ur app. see ya in game
  12. SWTOR Account For Sale

    i thought about selling my swtor account too but i think its tied in with my bf3 account. anyways best of luck man
  13. Yard works sucks

    haha^ awesome
  14. Buying my first car?

    Great 1st car is a honda, i know most ppl hate on them but there cheap, good on gas, easy to fix, and run for ever!!! I had a 95 accord as my 1st car put 250k on it then gave it to my brother he put another 40k on it then sold it for about the same as i paid lol.
  15. Drinks of the adult variety

    Blue Moon for after work drinking, Coors light for drinking games.

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